Adjust Icon Platform M+ for Cubase 11

Hi all,
I’ve bought an Platform M+ controller. I know how to use the iMap software and was able to set the mixer button. So now I’m on the user defined setup. However the “Chan” buttons are not changing to the left or right channel but simply change the Pan nobs from left/right to front/rear. Which would be a nice option, if I could switch the front/rear to e.g. my first send.

The bank buttons do what they should, all other faders and buttons as well.
I understand there is something with a “flip” button, but what is it? Can’t find a hardware button and pushing the left chan and bank button doesn’t work, too.
Anybody knows it? And also, how to change the front/rear to control the first send of a channel.

Are you using a custom mapping via the iMap software, or have you got it connected as a Mackie/MCU device in Cubase? (Which is recommended).

If Mackie mode refer to the Steinberg MCU implementation section in the remote manual:-

Take note to page

Trouble is, i don’t know if those Icon devices have all the buttons to be able to get to the modes supported via MCU. i.e. for sends, plugins control etc.

You just need an understanding of how Cubase implements Mackie control, as it has certain quirks such as the channel buttons being used to scroll through pages rather than track channels. (As you’ve discovered).

However, you can change to a ‘compatibility’ mode (See page 6 ‘Choosing the Correct Device Mode’ in the above ‘Remote Control Devices.pdf’ manual ^. Which is the older/original Mackie mode for Cubase.

Ideally to get full Mackie control, you need:
Pan/mixer button,
Instrument button,
Sends button,
Plugin button
EQ (Or Dyn/Channelstrip) button

They all seem missing from that controller - which is bizarre?

As it happens, i recently drew up a diagram of a standard Mackie controller to show the note names and numbers which may help you? :-

i.e. For a ‘Flip’ button, you map to MIDI Note number 50, Note Name: D3. But what button you replace it for, i just don’t know.

Thanks skijumptoes,
I’ll check, if I can set it in my platform M+.
I could manage to make the channels left/right buttons to work properly. In Cubase menu Studio > Studio More options > Mackie Control: Compability (not Cubase).
About the flip functionality of MCU, the iconproaudio FAQ says, that the platform does not support it.

It’s not really down to the hardware, the MCU protocol deals with all that - Nothing actually changes on the controller itself, it’s Cubase that is doing the work with MCU Protocol - so it will definitely work. It only swaps the v-pots (knobs) with the faders, so not crucial.

Just searched their FAQ, and it relates to the extender units if you mean this article:-

Just noticed this on their site too:-

Looks like some kind of add-on…?

Gives you an idea of some of the buttons you’re missing versus the standard MCU operation. The M+ Could really do with a few more buttons so you could get to the sends, and such functions really.