Adjust MIDI to project tempo

I recorded some MIDI without a click track. The take is not at all in sync with the project: different tempo, etc.

Is there a way to get it to sync with the project???

Logic has Beat Mapping that, I believe, gives you the ability to adjust the MIDI events to appropriate bar positions so that the MIDI information is in sync with the project.

Is there a way of doing this in Cubase?

If so, where can I find instructions?

Starting something new and while recording something not related to the project tempo, I usually have the '‘Toggle time base’ button of the track on which I am playing set to ‘Linear’. After the take, I adjust the project tempo to it in the transport panel, then toggle this option to ‘Musical’ for eventual further adjustments : quantize, editing, etc.

The main usefulness of this setting is that it allows me to freely play, even without having planned to record anything (thanks to the ‘Retrospective record’ feature), then, if I feel that I could get something useful of what I just performed, to retrieve it and adjust the project tempo to it without hassle, as increasing/decreasing the project tempo rate doesn’t affect the take timing under the ‘Linear’ mode of this switch. This is one of the Cubase features that makes it so intuitive to use for me.

More details in the Operation manual, p.74.

That’s a starting help!

Now, how do I align the MIDI with the beats?

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Here is a thread that might help:

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