Adjust size of automation track name?

Is there a way to make the name field of automation tracks larger?
In this example I have some sends on my main vocals, but the send name does not fit in the field.
Could not find any setting to fix that.

I don’t think there is.
Maybe add this as a feature request?
Simply having a name attached to the send is wonderful addition instead of prior versions “send 1” “send 2” etc. But you have to hover over that area, and I’m not sure I like that. Better abbreviations is one solution, however IMO the ultimate solution would be a way to make the name field controllable just like tracks in the project page.

Several users including me have posted feature requests asking for this. I’ll search for posts and add a link later if I remember to.

The ability to name automation lanes with normal size text would be very helpful. Ideally, Automation tracks should have a name field available, and, by default, it should take the name of the assigned parameter. That’s probably a lot to ask, but a simple name field for automation lanes and other track lanes would be excellent.

I sometimes use the track notepad to keep up with WTF is automated on a track and it’s still annoying to have only tiny text boxes to identify important sound elements.

Hello. I sent you a PM.

This seems like a lot of work. However if the ability to copy and past existed for notepad, at the very least the user could design a quick template to use then fill in blanks as needed.

I have noted the same issue here and in the FR forum. It renders the new Send names in Automation Lanes quite ineffective because of the poor implementation of labeling and abbreviation. Less keystrokes and less hovering, not more, is what we need for this

Please support this post on the Feature Requests forum so Steinberg can see how important this is to fix:

I’ll respond shortly. :slight_smile: Happy Holiday. :slight_smile: