Adjusting Measures

I’m trying to change 3 measures to 4, but even with click onto “Apply” and "Close, it doesn’t work.
Thanks for your help.


Are you talking about measures in a system, adding a measure, or something else?

Hi Derrek:

Yes; 4 measures in each System. 3 measures is somewhat too spaced out.



In Layout Options, you can change settings for different layouts – make sure you’re looking at the same layout for which you’re changing options.

Another method is to reduce the note spacing, if you want to let notes get closer together.

Dear Lillie:

Thank you for your help; I just need to know one more thing; i.e. changing number of measure per system: Can you please send instruction on getting to the page where it shows a large whole note?

Thank you.


Do you mean the Note Spacing page in Layout Options, where you set the default gaps between notes for the layout? If so, it’s all on the page I linked in my previous reply.

If you mean something else, please can you clarify what that is.

Hi Lillie:

Thanks for your help re: note-spacing.

How do I shorten the stave? It’s just one system with 3 measures, and I would like to be able to shorten it, but cannot find how to control or adjust the staff size.


In what way do you want it shorter? Can you share a screenshot?

Perhaps you want to increase the left and right margins to shorten the staves horizontally?

Hi Larraince:

How would I decrease/increase left and right margins to shorten the staves horizontally.

Thanks for your help.


Minna, people are embedding links to further information in their replies to you here on the forum. If you’re not seeing those in your email notifications, please switch back to the forum.


I did receive an email from a Lawrence; also have been receiving emails from other folks in the forum.

Thank you.


Layout options (shift command L)
Page setup
Page margins
increase left and right margins


What about DECREASING the left and right margins?
This really what I want to do on the last page, from measures 70-72.



I can only guess. This is beyond my experience.
Perhaps a separate layout for the last page with smaller margins and combine the PDF pages in another program?
Or, maybe there’s a way to create a separate page template with smaller margins?

@Lillie_Harris is the expert and will know if this is possible in one layout.

There is. Those who do musical theater depend on being able to create individual page templates with altered everything.

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Hi Larrance

I have an idea. I would like to add another measure to the last page, but not quite sure.
I want to add a 3rd measure between meas. 71 and Meas 72’; however, that one measure keeps going into the system with Meas. 67 to 70.

If you have any ideas on how I could get into Meas. 71 and 72, let me know.
I guess I have to adjust the page where the margin adjustments are.

Thank you.


If you want to share your file so we (I) can see what you’re asking for, it would be helpful. It sounds like you know how to add measures by selecting the bar line at end of the measure you wish to add a bar (measure 71) and press shift B. Then type the number 1 in the popover and you will add a bar.
If it goes to the next system you can adjust that in engrave mode.

As Lillie pointed out, it seems that because you’re possibly only reading emails instead of on the forum, you’re maybe not getting the links of the manual pages that have been posted.

If you type in the search field in the help manual “moving bars to other systems”, you’ll get some answers.

We’re all happy to help you but the manual will teach you to fish as the proverb goes.

This may help when wanting to adjust the length of one particular system.

Or this page, too: