after a freeze Cubase cant open any of the back-ups

cubase froze, i waited about 20 minutes, it still wasnt responding. so i ctrl alt delete, and froced it close.
now none of the project files or the back ups open of tis project. latest back up says “file invalid”, others, cubase just hangs “loading mixer”. I have 10 back ups of this project and none of them open.

i tried attaching the project and backup files but the forum doesnt let these .cpr and .bak attachments

ok, here are the project files and back up project files:

found the issue: BFD 3.

opened the project in cubase 6.5 and it was getting stuck at “BFD”.

if it wasnt for cubase 6.5. i would have never known what the issue is

this might be related to my problem described here which also happened after a freeze: