After an edit Playback has no sound?

I have a sessions with recordings loaded (local disk attached to Mac mini). Playback is fine until I use the scissors (Split) to edit a region (for example take out a sigh or a bump to the mic). If I playback after this edit I don’t get any sound. I only have 1 track in the session, 1 plug in (shadow hills mastering… but removing has no influence on this)… I do use spectralayers to look at the waveform but that shouldn’t influence playback I’d say. My machine is not glitching (disk load is minimal).
The problem goes away after I scroll around through the session (for example go back to start and playback is fine there)… but not always and not with a one step workaround.
Any ideas why this is happening? It is very annoying and I never had it before.
thanks in advance!

mac mini intel i7 2018
macOS 10.14.6
Nuendo 12.0.30
RME Fireface UC


Ok, a workaround I just discovered. If I slide the region to the left or right on the timeline, the sound returns… is this expected behavior?

Might be related to my post here.

Silence when cutting a clip on a Track with ARA extension on it

You use spectralayers as ARA extension I presume?


Yes! But it also happens without Spectralayers. I did not find your post… maybe they should be merged?