AI in Cubase?

Saw this today, it seems like the natural thing to build in AI in the DAW. I think AI is the end of a lot of things, probably all of humanity. It will be very hard to say no to AI, if you have a nice tune and want a good bass line for it, you can do this with bass dragon. It will produce several bass tracks that you can choose from. And if you are not at bass-player you will save a lot of time and effort and the result is probably better than if you make it yourself. Who can say no to that?

Mainly musicians who play for enjoyment, I’d say. I’ve even heard of musicians who feel compelled to play actual physical instruments as a form of self expression – must be awful!


I’d say yes - and no. AI will certainly play a major role in future DAWs, but it should do that only to a limited extent.
On the one hand, it needs to be clarified whether an offline implementation can be carried out (LLM are memory and CPU intensive) or whether it has to be online. Possibly there are paid subscriptions requested, which most will not like (me either).
Furthermore, human, manual operation would have to be retained, because a (so called) DAW that is actually just a jukebox for the automated creation of musical pieces is certainly not attractive to creative people. Like for me, who enjoys the process of making music more than the resulting product.


Its Litle like all samples we use today when we are lazy or dont have time :). I like AI it make my Idés come out fasterfrom my head. Instegs of sitting 5 houers to go thrue all hundreds of melodies in my head and 1 H or 10 days later i have somthing within min or 30 min to start work on. Like samples :slight_smile: and I dont think AI is the end its the betoning of a higher sence of create. And i will always need to do it my way so it sound special and not like everything els, then ppl will start complain :slight_smile:

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I’ve heard there are drugs for that

And how many of these musicians are mainstream? Most musicians want a large audience and if there is a fast-track to that they will take it. That some just do it for themselves is a minority. And the music you play on physical instruments can be written by AI

I agree, its not fun. But if its better, faster than you, what are you gonna do?

With sampling you need to do all the creative work, that’s not the case with AI.

AI has been around forever. It’s just until recent years has there been enough data and collective computing power to eke something marginally useful out of it. Right now, AI is being hyped to drive investment dollars. The latest fad will pass. The question is, who’s going to be the sucker left holding the bag when the jig is up?


The majority of musicians I have known over the years would not be at all comfortable in front of a “large audience”.

I think you need to turn that around.

Not if “AI” has never listened to it.

All this “AI” overload lately has been just about enough to make me want to vomit into my diarrhea.



I feel like I’m as creative with Izotope Plugins as Cubase. Maybe a little more with Izotope because you get a start point faster, to start working on.
And when it comes to melodies, I have tested a little different AI ARP and AI Melody Plugins, and for me I actually get more creative when I click the button to find a good starting point. It’s like sitting and jamming with another person, and using the same senses I would have had if I had listened to that person, but think they AI plugins when it comes to melodies, are pretty bad but good tools when you end on ideas.

AI for me when it comes to music, it causes to keep the crucation and creation at a Nra and fun speed and level, which makes creation more fun and learning and get new ideas.

AI is a paradox, as man is lazy by nature that we work hard to get it so good, that we should not have to work and war.

What are we doing today? Works and wars, and constantly show us inovative to bring it easier for us and impress for the group to get higher status.

The AI is like man’s criativity inovativity, and the essence of what man is. Otherwise, we had not built civilizations to bomb Isönder them to build new ones :).

We have created our own self “ourselves” “” creativity “” self -learning through curiosity "therefore will never take over man regarding the cruciality and curiosity as well as the development, but AI will bring man for several 100 years of years if not 1000s years in a few decades , but we may have created the last war for humanity :slight_smile: before then if we use it wrong.

Certainly AI goes fast now as it is the X10 exponentially in its learning. And the military has AI which is considered to have IQ160. Fortunately, we have clearly built Kvantum computers to possibly understand the AI calculations.

But as I said, AI will probably stop at a certain level when it comes to music production as there will be no need to use something that we are basically “creative” and so it is as usual if everyone sounds the same. Then there are always some who rang harder to stand out and who the mass loves and wants :slight_smile: But we will see. It is at least another 5 years before we see the fruit of it in these forums. The entire industry must first test and then decide which way makes sense to go. AI have been around for aroumd 70 years so:)

I use the same senses When om working with Izotope plugins or male my pwm sample packs same same different tools different workflow and the same tools and work at the end coz i want the sa,e results at the end. And only i know what that is for now.

Lets say, we only need One sound so make all sounds in the world. But if we make it easy we make 10 different of everything, Thats it then we can make everything litle faster, but the final tutsch the essence of what sound good or not, is a small fraction to brake it or make it. And that is a human thing and not AI Knowledge.

It’s my opinion that to stop AI will be impossible
The process is on going and become better and better
All systems need to take AI into consideration
Unfortunately 300 millions of people will lose job but I don’t believe this process can be stopped

Very interesting :shushing_face:

“better”… “faster”…
These terms are characterized by PRODUCT oriented thinking. Just like manufacturers think when they want to produce their goods as fast (and therefore cheaply) as possible and at the same time satisfy their customers’ wishes in the best possible way. The underlying process is just an annoying necessity with no intrinsic value. This approach also exists in (commercial) music, and much of it is done in exactly this way. There’s basically nothing wrong with that, but that’s only one end on the scale of possibilities.
At the other end there is the strictly PROCESS oriented approach, which places the doing at the center and values it highly, while the product (if one is created at all) is completely unimportant. Since the value lies exclusively in the time of doing, “faster” as a goal is the wrong one. Also, the process becomes “better” at best by expanding knowledge, skills and resources, but certainly not by more or less replacing it with automation.
Personally, the process orientation is closer to me. I have the privilege of not having to strive for a specific end product. Instead, I love playing with the diverse possibilities of modern technology and simply see what happens if I try to have an interesting experience. In my taste, this quality of playful experience is not given in today’s AI-supported kind of “music-making”. For me, on the one hand there is too much paternalism going on and on the other hand there is almost no process to control by your own musical ideas.

I think this thread needs to be transferred to the “Lounge” … not much talk about Cubase going on here. You know, where there is already a topic or two very similar …

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So if I’m hearing you right, VST Plug-Ins should be used to address these issues…?

Correct :slight_smile:

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Cubase and AI is not talking about Cubase?

Not even the first post mentions anything Cubase-specific in the text.

Like almost all discussions triggered by the recent marketing hype around AI, it quickly degenerates into lots of theorizing about things nobody understands, and while it has a certain entertainment value, IMHO it would be better suited in the Lounge.

Then again, maybe the next version of Cubase will in fact use AI to save the planet.