Booa Noite a todos existe alguma configuração pra tocar os acordes no Dorico

Sure, but there are not so many Portuguese speakers here, sorry. I do not mean any prejudice.

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Of course Dorico can play chords. II you could explain your question in a more expansive way people can help.

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Olá Cristiano. Vou te responder em português, mas lembre-se que o fórum da Steinberg apenas permite o uso do inglês e alemão. Vou colocar em inglês logo abaixo para evitar que o tópico seja fechado.

Vc tem qual versão do Dorico? Vc deseja escrever acordes? Quer fazer que eles soem ao ir inserindo as notas individuais? Esclareça melhor a dúvida. Se tiver dificuldade com o inglês, me mande uma mensagem privada. Você também pode usar o google translate .

English version:

Hi Cristiano. I’m going to answer in portuguese, but remember: Steinberg forum is in english or german only. I’m going to answer in english below, or your topic will be closed by the moderation team. If you have any problems using english, feel free to contact me using private message. You can also use google translate.

What is your Dorico version? Do you simply want to insert chords? Or do you want chords sounding as you input individual notes? Please elaborate more.

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Thanks for the feedback, I need how to configure for Dorico (version. on the iPad. For him to reproduce the chords that are on the agenda. I thank you all in advance and apologize for any inconvenience.

Hi, Are you talking about Dorico playing chord symbols? I don’t use ipad version (my ipad air is stuck on IOS 12). I have only the desktop (pro version).

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Here in the Dorico forum we won’t close threads that are posted in languages other than English or German, but we do strongly encourage you to post in English if possible – even if you post in your native language and also provide a machine translation into English alongside it (freely created via Google Translate or DeepL).

Dorico for iPad cannot currently play back chord symbols, because there’s no way to choose the destination sound for the chord symbols at the moment. This is something we plan to add, but it won’t be added in the forthcoming update.

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Thanks for the answer, right then, I’ll wait for this update, tell me something the version you sent me by email to be great and until when will I use this version?

I would suggest you continue using the TestFlight version at least until we have released the next Dorico for iPad update on the App Store, which we expect to be at the same time as the next Dorico for desktop update, in a few weeks’ time.


Good afternoon buddy, I had tô reset the iPad, is there a WAN you can send me again the TestFlight that you sent me in the e-mail?

Just a suggestion: don’t post your email, unless you like getting lots of emails from spammers. :sunglasses:


confess that I have to learn a little more how to handle this forum, to know where everything is, even send a message to someone on Direct, but little by little I learn! Thank you for the privacy message!

I still can read your email address… You should edit your post :wink:

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