All Presets are gone


After upgrading to C6 and C6.02, all presets are gone. They are all in the right folder : programs/steinberg/cubase6/presets. But they are gone in the program, and that includes media bay,track presets, logical edit, input transformer, all !
Can anyone help ?

Hans Henrik

Hi HansHenrikBay,
Did you do a rescan of the preset locations in mediabay?
See my post:

Hope this helps.

I will try this tonight. I did a full scan when I installed C6, 2 month ago. Can a mediabay scan effect the possibility to open preset in the Logical Editor ?

Hans Henrik


It worked !, removing the Cubase 6_64 folder and then restarting cubase did the job . Thank you so much.

Hans Henrik

Glad you’re out off the dark…
Now go and make some music :wink: