All the Library Icons have gone away?

After five reinstalls of Halion 7 I still have no instrument icons visible in the Halion 7 media browser. All the various Halion 6 content that I would have seen is missing.

My media bay looks like this;
media bay no instruments

IT ought to have lots of icons on it, and the first time it installed halion 7 before it did some update somewhere, it worked and I had icons for FM Lab and others. Now, none.

Here’s how it looks on other people’s youtube videos…

Screenshot 2023-11-28 at 1.40.31 PM

In another thread someone said just rescan. Well they removed the rescan icon. How do I get the icons back for FM lab, Amped Elektra, Auron, various add-on libraries from Absolute 6, and everything else?

This content all registers in the Library manager … It’s there and visible.

But it won’t show up in Halion 7 on my mac. The install went fine on my windows machine, but I do all my real work on this mac, and this mac’s installation appears to have been screwed up so badly that even deleting everything and trying again is not working. By everything I mean, everything under /Library, and everything in Applications, and everything under User/Library.

I think Halion needs to be told to rebuild its indexes or something but the button that used to do that is gone. There are many signs of craziness in the forum since Halion 7 dropped with content just going away.

There seem to have been lots of recent content updates for halion sonic also in Steinberg Download Manager:

Okay I figured it out.

You have to delete the mediabay3.db file from wherever it is stored. Relaunch halion 7 standalone.

On my mac it was at

~/Library/Preferences/HALion 7

~ means /Users/<YourUserName> by the way for people trying to figure out what the ~ means.

Hi wpostma,

thanks for your solution. The same just happened to me. A lot of instruments suddenly missing. No idea why and how this can happen.
In the Steinberg Library Manager, they are all there. Really strange. Never had this before. Halion 7 is installed since March 2023. Never any issues. And now this.

Too bad I rejoiced too soon. I don’t have such a file. Neither .db, nor mediabay. And yes, I also searched in the system files.

Found it. Path Ventura is
~/Library/Preferences/Steinberg MediaBay Server/
But anyways not working
Also what is suggest here by Jan Riesener

After restart all back again. Sigh…