Allow dragging files from Pool Trash into track

Ha! I’m obviously not at a high enough level of understanding in the matter!

So you won’t even let me have a preference checkbox? :smiley:

It would definitely have to be a preference checkbox if it was changed, but I don’t see the point, wasted man hours coding that. I promise you you’ll be happy if you adapt my suggestions instead of relying on the trash or Steinberg coding/changing this (because they probably wont)


I found a way

Go to pool, open trash, click and drag the file from trash into the active pool … then you can use the insert media drop down. Not as quick as just using the file in trash (which my cat decided it wanted to put in there after walking on my keyboard), but an easy work around. There was no way I wanted to play that guitar lick again!

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Yeah, but what do you do, if you have got a really big session with multiple instruments?
You basically have to drag that file up for minutes if you’re out of luck.

@vinylizor I absolutely agree with you.
There is no reason, why a trashed audio file cannot be dragged into the project.
On every mixing session it happens at least 1-2 times, I have to look for single files in the pool to drag them back into the project.
Mostly because I am searching for additional vocal tracks to double the main vocals. Right now I have to reimport them manually, instead of using the built in pool.

There is absolutely no point in restricting that operation.

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I need this also. Sometimes I changed my mind, and I want to check those removed takes, and I had to drag it very far because I usually record several hundred takes in one project. Some of us said we don’t need those takes, but if that’s true then Cubase should simple erase them permanently as removed, right? You know that doesn’t make sense because we change our minds all the time. Actually I even need a player to check files in the pool more conveniently.

Will this feature cause problems to anyone anyway?

Yeah, super annoying if you remove a track you don’t want, it goes into the trash. Took me forever to figure out why I can’t drag and drop it onto the timeline. Cubase needs to take notes from Reaper on stuff like this.

Anyway, if I figure out a way to not allow Cubase to put removed .WAV files in the pool “trash” I will let you know because it’s annoying.