Almost 1 year with Cubase 12 after moving from Logic what do I really miss!

I’ll keep this short and sweet , but I’ve had so much help and support from this forum. I thought I would just update my Cubase 12 from Logic transition thoughts .

I absolutely love Cubase 12 (did use Cubase Audio v0.9 , before moving to PT and Logic 25 odd years ago) I could never go back to Logic or PT

without listing things I don’t really need …what do I really miss in Cubase …?

  1. Summing Folder tracks , why because I would like my Mixer to follow the same view as my Main track window , I also use a Avid S1 set up and not being able to see the same on the Arrange window as the mixer is a real pain .

in LPX You can also drag and drop tracks in and out of Summing Folders and the routing is taken care of for you.

  1. Vi windows, If yo have a VI GUI Open and click on another track the Vi follows

  2. Temporary keyholed option for magnifying glass

  3. Text to small in most of the lists and side windows (but thats my age)

Thanks about it :slight_smile:


You might start a separate topic for this one and tag it as a feature request. I’m sure there are many who would agree with you (especially ex-Logic users!) and there have been similar requests in the past. I think long-time Cubase users may have just gotten used to it being this way (“learn to accept what you cannot change:slight_smile: ) and developed their own workarounds / frustration management techniques.

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I would nit remove the folders or groups ! There have there use , simply add summing folder as a option , just like Logic

Main benefit is to clean up the mixers , with 1000 tracks it’s an epic GUI man :slight_smile:

Exactly … the current group tracks and folders are completely different things.

I was a Cubase VST user and switched to Logic Platinum ages ago, but just came back to Cubase 11 (and now 12). I think the only things I really miss is the automatic audio I/O setup, and how easy it was to mess with your MIDI instrument patches in it.

In Cubase, if I’ve got say, my Rev2 device already setup, and I have a patch making fest and update a bank, only way to update the Device Panels is to make a brand new one and start all over. In Logic it’s as simple as opening the device and copy/pasting a bank of names into it. Although I still think you would have to do that per song, compared to remaking a device panel with controls/parameters/etc its a lot quicker. Guess if you don’t use the panels it’s no problem.

The I/O setup isn’t too bad, just do it once, save your I/O presets, apply that on every project.

As I use a MacBook Pro and take it home at the end of the day , just 2 TB4 cable run everything in my studio 128 IO’s 4 screens so powerful, it if I open cubase whole disconnected for the RME setup , when I plug back in everyone is lost , all my external Fx and external synths . Which is a real pain in cubase , I also have to Create midi ins. / outs and audio ins/out for each device…

I’m Logic it’s a simple external plugin which has midi in / out and audio io … very simple and quick , also Logic didn’t mind , switching from TB io to internal mac IO , I have reported all of this so hope cubase 13 addresses this :slight_smile:

Sorry if this is a silly question, it what is panels ?

Device Panels date back to the SX years, and are a really neat way to integrate (mainly hardware) MIDI devices into the Cubase workflow.

Documented under “MIDI Devices”, they are not easy to create, and have seen little love over the years, as the emphasis shifted to VST instruments.

Ahh so SX is when they showed up! I didn’t like the new look of it, so I stuck with Logic and didn’t bother upgrading VST way back when. Funny enough, I started using Logic mainly after seeing the Environment, which turned out to be quite a headache at times. You could do similar stuff and make editors/control panels for your MIDI devices there too. Similar to Cubase and the audio configuration, you had to create your MIDI setup and do all the ‘wiring’ in the Environment before anything worked. There was a lot you could do with it, but once Apple came along, the Environment got swept under the rug and hidden away like it is now.

I once had a Matrix 1000 and had an environment in Logic for editing.
In Cubase there are the device panels. On this page I found a device panel for Matrix 1000, maybe you could try that:

Somewhere in one of my archives I’ve still got my old ‘Template’ LSO that’s got the editors for my Microwave XT, Virus A, Micro Q, Juno, etc in it. That stuff was mind-blowing back in 2000 haha. The shock from going from hardware MIDI sequencers to a DAW was still in full-effect at the time.

I use both, though I have been attempting to transition over to Cubase more and more as I’ve been doing more scoring projects with heavy midi. The logic piano roll and midi editing capabilities are pretty great, but Cubase is even greater to me, which was one of the things that lured me over. There are also a lot of nice little things I can’t do in Logic.

That said I agree with the things you miss. I also miss:

  • The way you can route a bus and Logic will create and route an aux track for you automatically.
  • The ability to view chords as you play them in with midi in realtime (in the Logic main bar if you have it visible, it will tell you what you’re playing as you go. Helpful when getting fancy with chord extensions etc.)
  • Super easy to just switch tracks from stereo/mono with the flick of a switch basically
  • There’s a handful of UI experiences I just miss, like I still prefer the feel of the media/loop browser in Logic, and the mixer pane. Dunno why I just find the mixer in Logic easier to navigate and read when esp. I’m in a hurry.

I agree with this , I also did use both for a while , while making the switch . Logic count handle massive track counts or very long timelines , also hide and show tracks on Logic is wet sluggish , Cubase just doesn’t seem to care and track number and visibility functions are amazing in cubase