Summing Folder ... Please can we have them

I am not suggesting for one second we remove group fader and non-something .!!

Can we please just have the option to add a folder which sums the audio like a group and we can be opened and closed in the mixer like the arrange window…

Just for reference, some background reading … it’s important to be clear what is actually requested; and to remember that the terms “folder”, “group” etc., can mean different things in different DAWs.

IMHO that topic started off completely misinformed and confusing, became an almost religious war, and yet delivered some great ideas of how routing and the synchonization between the Arrange Page and the mixer views could be implemented.


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For cubase it’s very simple .

1.Keep everything we have now
2 . Add a summing folder option , once a track is dragged into a summing folder track. , it get assign to a bus. (Same name as summing folder) and you can then open and close the folder in the main arrange window and the key is also the mixer ! Maybe with an option if your close the folder in the arrange window , the mixer follows