Altiverb 7 - N11

Hi everyone,
I once again would like to point to an Altiverb Problem I am having with Automation.
(Picking up from this thread: N10.3 - altiverb snapshot recall )

How do you guys, using Altiverb, go about automating on a scene by scene basis? I would like to set up 2 instances of Altiverb (A/B) for each STEM so I can automate the impulse response scene by scene alternating between Altiver A and B.

Something got broken and I can’t seem to find a solution to use it at all. How are you doing it?

I find myself using Stratus or Symphony from Exponential Audio instead of Altiverb because of this problem. Which is ok, but I would love to be able to also use Impulse Responses for certain things.

Thanks a lot for your insights.

yeah Altiverb has not supported VST 3.0 and I don’t understand why when this plugin is so expensive and widely used, I’m also worried that Speakerphone wont function well soon too. I’ve read You can create your snapshots for scene by scene first and then switch the plug-in too Gneric editor and you can automate the AutoPres from there.


Hello. There is a simple effective solution to this problem. I found it myself by poking. As a rule, the problem begins to manifest itself some time after creating several snapshots. Then I do this… After creating the next snapshot, when the plugin stops responding to automation, I open the menu for selecting automation points and select any one. After that, the plugin immediately starts listening to the snapshot automation. The picture is attached.Alti

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