N10.3 - altiverb snapshot recall

Hi guys,

I have a problem with Altiverb 7 after updating to N10.3

when I write snapshot change automation for a region (fill loop via Nuage) automation writes but then can’t read changes between scenes (like it was in suspend mode) After restarting project it works fine again.
It never happend before N10.3 update.
I don’t know if it is a bug or maybe I’m missing something changed in N10.3 automation workflow?
will be greatful for any help, becuase it’s a real showstopper for me and I really like 10.3 features and would like to keep working using this version

I think I narrowed down the problem.
when N10.3 reads Altiverb snapshot change it reads automation from parameter “autopres”. When I write automation it writes to the same parameter, but then stops to read from it.
workaround I found is I can write the automation change to the other parameter “snapshot” and snapshots changes read from it and work as it should.
After I close and reopen the project it reads form both parameters until I hit write again - then it writes to “autpres” again and reads from "snapshot"only.
N10.2.2 read and writes to “autopres” and keeps changing the presets after write.

still don’t know how to make it read afer writing new snapshot change without re-opening the project though :frowning:

I’m having no such issue with Altiverb 7 on Mac OSX high Sierra.
My automation uses autopres
Did you update to the latest Altiverb released a couple weeks ago?

I’m on windows and latest windows version is 2 years old.
Good to know it’s not all-system bug, so I may look for solution on my side.


found a workaround.
the problem is somehow related to graphic interface of Altiverb. snapshot changes stop to read only if I use Altiverb UI to switch scene with mouse click.
Switching to generic editor Gui and moving parameter there unblocks it.
I made quick control to parameter "autopres’ and I can switch scenes with Nuage (it’s incremental but works with fill loop) even with Altiverb GUI.

I got the same problem.
The workaround is ok when using “snapshot” as the parameter to change, but only the first 10 work. This is so frustrating.
Anyone else with this problem and a workaround?

In the meantime… any suggestions for other reverbs for tv movie work?

I had the same issue. Did an comprehensive automation test with Altiverb 7.3.3 (latest version for windows) on Nuendo 8, Nuendo 10 and Nuendo 10.3. -To make it short I can just say Altiverb is not usable anymore under Nuendo 10.3. Thats a shame! STEINBERG, could You please give a statement if this is an issue of updated Automation protocol of Nuendo 10.3 or a bad software progamming of Altiverb?? Neither snapshot nor Preset Automation is possible -In Nuendo 10 You can use the snapshot Automation. In no way mix snapshot automation and preset automation on the same altiverb instance. If You load a new Preset or load a different room from the picture browser, You loose all the previously used rooms of snapshot automations on the same track (You see the parameter change, but the room stays the same). You start to automate the first room in a snapshot, if You want a different room, load it in a different snapshot, but dont change the Preset (!!). If You want to use the same room of a snapshot later with different settings, You have to save it as a different snapshot and load this one. A Snapshot alway loads with its saved settings. So parameter change of a snapshot will not be automated!! If You want to change parameters (You can try to Your liking in preview mode) You have to right click on the snapshot and click on "overwrite". But You have to know that this will change the settings as well for previously used parts of the same snapshot!! So dont do it if You used this snapshot earlier in the project, but save the changed settings as a new snapshot. If all the snapshots are full, load a new instance of altiverb in a later insert and deactivate the other one from this point on in the project to save cpu processing power.
-In Nuendo 8.3 Altiverb Automation mostly works as it should. Only if You load a preset with many snapshots in it, it might not load a previously used Preset correctly. It then tries to load the snapshot 1 of the preset with the many snapshots in it. A workaround can be to leave snapshot one free (!!!). The preset with the many snapshot stays on if You go back to the previously loaded Preset, but it still loads the correct room and all automated settings. Still is a bit weird, but at least You don`t loose time intensive automation data and have to do it again.

So: Steinberg, please respond to this!! Why does automation of Altiverb work in Nuendo 8.3 and works less in Nuendo 10.0 and doesnt work at all in Nuendo 10.3?? If its a matter of Nuendo please fix it instantly, as this is a serious issue for all postproduction in media! If its a altiverb issue please kick their asses because its not ok to pay a lot of money for a plugin and then have it completely non working! It already cost me a complete working day and it`s hard to describe how angry that makes me. 1000 Euro Plugin for nothing! And loosing of a lot of time which is the worst.

thank You and sorry

As far as I know, Altiverb is still VST2.
VST3 was introduced in 2008 and developers were encouraged to port their plugins to VST3.
The end of VST2 was announced in 2013 and Steinberg stopped maintaining VST2 since 2018.

Hope that answers your question.

I had the exact same issues and switched completely to Symphony and Stratus Verbs.
I would love to see Altiverb be usable again. But as Fredo said, VST2 is such an old fomat and I get why Steinberg is slowly dropping support for it. Nontheless it must be made clear both to customers and Plugin Developers that such changes may affect the usage of certain plugins. Especially such “professional” and expensive plugins like Altiverb which is almost everywhere in sound post for film and tv.
I hope there is a VST3 Version coming from Audio Ease, but on the same regard I hope that Altiverbs will be usable in N11 again.

I think AudioEase have spent the last few years wandering around the world gathering IRs - not fixing or updating their software. They’ve been promising an update to Speakerphone for years for example.

Like hendrix97, I’m using the Exponential ones, but now Michael Carnes has wandered off after selling to Izotope, updates have stopped there too - they haven’t even managed to fully bring it in the Izotope family of installers etc.

Paragon from Nugen is out and might be worth a look ?

Altiverb is still somewhat usable in 10.3 if you use quickcontrol for “autopres” parameter (not the snapshot) and use it only in fill loop automation mode… that being said I tend to use it less and less and my go to reverb is Liquidsonic Cinematic rooms now. I just wish it had snapshots, but sounds great.
I lost hope Audioease would update Altiverb, Spekaerphone or Indoor and that’s a shame - they all sound great, have amazing features but just don’t work.