Amp Rack

Just finishing scoring a short film which, to my own surprise, ended up with a very guitar orientated soundtrack. I have “go to” apps for guitar and so never paid much attention to the amp rack(which I’d decided was mediocre) but I thought I’d have a quick look again…IT’S BRILLIANT! So much so that I feel compelled to sing its praise here. :smiley:

Yep, it works well for me, saved me spending more on other options…

I agree, it sounds great and is very easy to setup, great value :slight_smile:

Heh, you’re not alone. I posted a number of months back praising it as well:

I too use other apps like Guitar Rig and have tried almost all the amp sims out there and when I tried the VST Amp Rack I was blown away how much more realistic it sounds.


It is not Guitar rig 4 or Amplitube 3
But it is REALLY good at the core sound.
Yes it is
If you know how to play a guitar you can and will get a good guitar sound using amp rack.

OT: I hear people (guitarists) all the time: I can’t do this the sound is not right… I don’t like digital emus I must have a valve preamp and a …and it’s blah blah blah and more blah… and more blah :wink:
I’ll just say: if you can’t play with just about anything you are no real guitarist :wink:
Shut the frog up and play is the true pro’s approach


Sorry I missed your thread Rev. I’m a bass player at heart and have too many great guitarist mates to spend much time playing 6 string. But it was a pleasant surprise.
Northwood and Strophoid are right; it saves time and money having such quality items as part of the package.
So, now I’ve caught up with you all…I’ll keep using it. Cheers! :smiley:

Aloha and +1
for for the VST Rack.

Using it I can go from a Hendrix ‘Strat’ sound to a Mundell Lowe
‘L4’ sound and the VSR Rack not only sounds great but it also
(and guitarists will understand this) ‘feels’ good in your hand.

This is what the VST Rack has in common with Amplitube.
Many other apps sound very very nice but Amplitube and the VST Rack
also have “Feel”.

the VST Rack is ‘very close’ and it comes ‘free’ with C6.
Hard to beat that.

Amp Rack is new with C6 and the bottom line is…each to his own. I’ve worked with some great industry players who eulogise over the sound and feel of a new guitar or pedal. But to be fair, there are people who aren’t musicians but have an opinion (one way or another) just to sound like one. My guitar sounds a bit clinical but is a dream to play. No pedals - I don’t gig as a guitarist - so Amp Rack covers a lot of bases for me. Curteye is spot on when he says it “feels” good.

I’ve got things riding on this short film. The right sound doesn’t make it a hit track but it’s another aspect of the music I’m not worried about.

What about thr C6 30 days trial?