And again in C10. Folder sync goes out of sync

going at least back to Cubase 8…

Cubase 10.0.10 exhibits the same behaviour on Windows 10. Editing a group sync’d track freshly made with 2 or more channels will lose sync very quickly. I suspect that front to back track ordering is the cause or part of the cause. I have sent videos of this to Steinberg support but have had no contact about it.

Time to restart the debate and search for whats going on. I think if there was a way to have the track order number visible while working in Foder edit as a testing phase mechanism it might be easier to see what can make the front to back order and subsequently out of sync folders after cuts are made with bad front to back ordering.

Tracking a project right now with a 16 track drum folder. Drummer needed a lot of help. C10 has broken sync so many times my edits are messed and hard to manage.
Same project has folders with multimiked and DI acoustic. Again sync has lost many times on me causing my edits to be hard to manage.

Hi Mart,
Please support my two feature requests that will improve this drastically:

Some footage of folder sync broken behaviour during a recording session.

There are 4 audio tracks in a folder all created at the same time and folder sync’d:

  1. Elec Close SM57
  2. Elec Close Ribbon
  3. Elec Room
  4. Elec DI

During normal operation with track one lanes turned on and the other 3 lanes closed I made scissor cuts, selections, deletes and stretches part boundaries over and back. I didnt touch front to back order. During tracking this situation occurred. I’m making cuts on various tracks and undoing the cut. Each time I make a cut different background cuts come to the front of the selectin and the folder is out of sync. As I move the cut point to the right later in the video you can see a different selection coming to the front at the end of the video I make two further cuts which appear to cut in sync this time across all 4 tracks again.

Yep. In the manual under Group Editing it states “All events, parts, or ranges inside the folder that have the same start and end time and the same playback priority are temporarily grouped.”

But here we have a situation where collapsing lanes on one or more of the tracks in the folder means that All events, parts, or ranges inside the folder are NOT grouped.

This is clearly a bug.

You have to remember to expand all lanes in a group edit folder before making edits - when you have 20 odd tracks of drums in a folder with over 20 takes, the project window becomes a massive multi-page sprawl which requires minutes of scrolling to navigate through all the tracks and parts.

Not to mention the mess of out-of-phase parts that results if you forget to expand one of the lanes before making an edit :imp:

I never ever could find it practical to have anything but the top lane in a sync’d folder expanded for editing for the same reason as you say. Its impractical to see what your doing when editing a 32 channel orchestra take folder with each track having its lanes expanded with multiple underlying takes. Its only practical to get an overview of what your doing with just the top land expanded.

And… there is no button on a sync’d folder to open and close ALL lane expansions at once so you would have to scroll down each track and click lane expansion open and closed each time you want to edit something…

Hey mart

Here’s a few project logical editor commands I use which might make the exercise a bit less painful (you still need to select the tracks, but at least it’s far easier than manually toggling the lanes switch):

To collapse lanes on selected tracks -

To expand lanes on selected tracks -

You can also make the command work on all tracks in the project if you remove the filter “property - event is selected”.

Hey mart, I just had it pointed out to me in another thread that the scissor tool works. It worked when I tested it too. How did you get it to screw up in the video you posted? Did you have snap to zero crossings on?