Android version - coming soon!

dont forget touchOSC

Hello guys,

A short update on this topic:
This is no vaporware, we are still working on this! Truth be told, the reason for the delays is that the Android platform has provided us constant headaches and tripping hazards and it is not as straight-forward as iOS.
However, we involved several forum users in our beta tests and we have now a release candidate we are working on to stabilise it to give you a great controller experience.

Thanks for the info. That is good news.

Looking forward to this.

Any iC user who knows, if it’s possible to adjust the Conrtol Room Sends, via iC Pro ?
That’s the one and only feature, I really need !
Sadly it’s not possible to adjust the CR sends via General Remote.

Oh and it should work with C6.5, as it’s still the best Cubase for fast daily work.


Thanks for the update!

Yes it is.

Thanks, Steve.
Only master levels or individual channels as well ?

If a channel has a active cue send, it shows up in Ic pro. All 4 cue mixes are there, the interface gives a choice- you can look at either the cue mixes, or the channel faders, one or the other.

I copied this from the manual:

On the MixConsole page, you can control the most important
MixConsole parameters in your Steinberg DAW or control individual
cue mixes.
In Cubase iC Pro, you can access the cue mixes that you set up using
the Control Room in your Steinberg DAW. That way, the artists can
adjust the levels of their independent headphone mixes directly from the
recording room, while the main mix remains unaffected. The cue mixes
in Cubase iC Pro directly correspond to the four cue channels in your
Steinberg DAW.
The cue mix function is directly linked to the Control Room. Therefore it
is only available in the full version of Cubase.

Ah … great !

So … where’s that Android app ???
What’s taking so long ???

We’re happily approaching ONE YEAR of “coming soon”…

Maybe it will be a nice little Christmas gift…

Thanks Crohde

Will you make sure it is also available via the Amazon App Store for us Kindle Users? We cant use Google play without rooting (which blows the old warranty!)

That’s great news! I’ve been waiting for this!

For this you can use “Yandex“ :wink:

+1 for the Kindle version!

I think Steinberg needs to reconsider the meaning of the word “soon”. No, it does not mean “some point in time in the future”, it means “some point in time in the close future”.

3 months, for example, doesn’t qualify “soon”.

I kind of aggree with you that everyone following this thread don’t find it soon enough! But “soon” is relative to the context and the anticipation of the person saying it. “close future” in your definition doesn’t have any time reference… a year to go out of a century might be considered a close future!!!

But C’mon Steinberg… at least tell us in how many years soon will be there!

Lots of people I know are buying the new Windows 8.1 tablets (I mean full Windows, not sucky RT) and then running their favorite DAW’s on them while on the go, instead of having to compromise with the kind of “toy” DAW’s offered as “apps” on iPad and Android. The irony being that by the time Steinberg is ready to release an Android version of iCPro, most people (at least in music) will have probably moved to Win 8.1. (does that mean it’ll take them another year to release a Windows version?)

I bought a Dell Venue 8 Pro, as small as an iPad Mini, but it runs Cubase, Sonar, Ableton… heck even ProTools… Try that on iOS and Android… My Android tablets (I have a 7" and a 10") aren’t getting much attention lately.

In the world of technology, soon means “yesterday” and one year is a like a century.

Almost a year since the first post claiming “soon”…

I just became very interested in this as I’m sick of iPhones and Apple and am seriously considering Samsung for an upgrade I will be eligible for in just a few days.