Android version - coming soon!

It certainly takes a lot of time…

I understand it is a bit more trouble to create an application that runs on a more diverse platform, but I cannot imagine it is that extremely difficult. The TouchDaw app is also running fine here (yes I know it is a lot more limited, but it works), so it is absolutely not impossible to get things going on Android.

I am certainly not buying an Apple device, only to run iC Pro. That would be insane. I have an nice Android tablet, and would like to use it. I am not that charmed about Windows tablets to be honest, so there is still an need for this app.

I only hope “soon” will not take another year…


Just gonna throw myself on the wave here and ask if there is any news on this, especially seeing that Android is dominating the mobile market now with over 81% of the market share world wide (as of nov 2013).

Somewhat relevant question, I have a Blackberry Z10 (from work), which you can “side-load” many Android apps on to… anyone tried that with TouchDAW by any chance? I’d be wanting to do this with the Steiny app when its ready too.


When when when if if if maybe maybe maybe. Is there anyone out there? Come in number 22 your time is up. ???