Annoying little problem

In all my previous Cubase incarnations when a song was saved it loaded up the next time looking exactly like it did when saved. Cubase Pro 8 has a habit of loading up songs with minor but annoying differences. Sometimes the transport bar is not visible. I always save with the transport bar visible.

More annoying, the horizontal zoom in the arrangement window loads up differently from the way the song was saved.
The first thing I have to do when I load a song is open the transport bar and get the zoom correct for that song. Why is this? What am I missing?

There are other superficial things that can not load up as saved… track sizes, occasionally

please advise.


You can change this in Preferences > General. There is the way, how to load a project. If you want to load it in “last used view” only for external projects, all projects, or not at all. You want to select “not at all”.

The Zoom level is the global settingsl. This is not stored with the project.