Annual Request: The Missing Key Command Thread

Why should this year be any diff? :smiley: I’m hoping we can start a central thread to request a key command for all the things we wish we could do without having to mouse about.

  1. Markers: Reassign all Position IDs

  2. InfoLine: Edit Start Position

  3. InfoLine: Edit End Position

  4. InfoLine: Edit Length

Activate Selected Marker Track (Useful in conjunction with PLE name/colour tageting)

Hopefully this thread doesn’t result in a swarm of function requests like the other key command threads did.

Let’s try to keep it key commands for already existing functions/buttons/windows people.

Ah, great!

  1. MixConsole: Attach Selected Channel(s) to Left Edge
  2. MixConsole: Attach Selected Channel(s) to Right Edge
  3. MixConsole: Attach Selected Channel(s) to Default Channel Position
    (Currently mouse-only in Mixconsole’s Left Zone>Zones Tab)

  4. Phase 0⁰/180⁰. (I am not sure if this keycommand should press the Channel Settings>EQ>Phase button for the selected track. I think it should press the MixConsole Pre section phase button, so that we could also Q-link many channels together)
  5. Set Pre-Gain (see above)
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  1. Mixer: Show/Hide Channel Latency

All the other options in the ‘Set up Window Layout’ dialogue box are assignable to key commands but not this one.

Requested before more than once: explicit on/off commands for what are currently toggles. E.g., toggle autoscroll becomes autoscroll-on and autoscroll-off. I wonder if backward compatibility would even be an issue. Suppose SB just changed it and didn’t retain the original toggle? Just a matter of a little user readjustment. I bring that up because it would be nice to retain the original key command as the ON command.

+1 squilion. There should be NO ‘toggles’. Everything should have an explicit ‘on’ and ‘off’ state key command.

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  • Initiate VariAudio/Select VariAudio tool

On the Arrangement page move selected Track(s) up or down.
Could be done with a modifier key + up and down arrows


The Key Command is actually available:

  • VariAudio Tool in the Tool folder of the Key Commands.

Does it initiate though? I think it only works if VariAudio has already been initiated.


It does initiate. It’s the exactly the same like to click to the button.

Okay this is good. Having to always mouse click vari audio was such a PITA.

Activate Selected Marker Track is actually present and seems to work in Version 11

(…now if they could only make the tick movable to the main line so you could see which one was activated without having to use the mouse to open the track further…)

  • Open the instrument track/rack audio channel settings that it´s connected to a midi channel (so, when I press the key command it doesn´t open the “midi channel settings” of the midi channel but the audio one).
    It should be similar to pressing the second e button that is on the instrument out of the inspector.

  • open the inserts chains preset selector at the inserts panel

Edit Info Line: Description!!!

I’d be rich if I was paid per mouse clicks on this one. Like Renaming Cycle Markers!

I’ve discovered it’s very easy to get AutoHotkey to do this for you, not say commands shouldn’t be included.

Some others - individual commands for ruler measurement

-Bars + Beats

all separate commands! please, it’s especially important because it affects incremental fade amount.

There - should - be toggles, but there should also be separate commands. Toggles should breakdown as a tree list of on/off commands.

Just want to be clear about that, before we lose all our toggles.


Open/Close All Plugins Selected Track

Open All Plugins Selected Track

Close All Plugins Selected Track

Freeze track.
Freeze multiple tracks at once.

Edit Track Picture Selected Track(s)