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After a difficult upgrade from C11.0.20 Pro to C12.0.40 Pro (many of my VST2 and 3’s didn’t migrate over, along with some Preferences) I’m now finding that I have missing Content as well. I still have C11.0.20 on my PC and all the Content is showing up fine in it. This Content is also showing as Registered in the Steinberg Library Manager. The Cubase File Browser can see the missing folders but stops scanning after 2 seconds. Even some of the shown folders are missing most of their content: Dance Floor Tech House contains a single handclap! The full list is:

Allen Morgan Signiture Drums
Analog Techno
Rock/Pop Toolbox Drums
Blockbuster -Missing
Dance Floor Tech House
Drum Loops -Missing
EDM Toolbox
Groove Agent Beat Boxes
Groove Agent One Library
Groove Agent SE Library -Missing
Hard Knocks
Hip Hop Vault
Laser Beams
LoFi Dreams -Missing
Loop Mash Library
Mystic Spaces
Nightcall Synthwave
Production Grooves
Raw Ambience
Rock/Pop Toolbox
Sequel Library -Missing
Soul Assembly -Missing

Any ideas on how to get C12 to recognize these?



Did you download and install all content for Cubase 12, please?

Hi Martin:
Do I need to? Will the Content sets be different than what was available for C11? I guess it’s worth a try.

It should be a superset of what was in 11.

What do your Media Bay Preferences look like?


Thanks Raino-good call. Originally my Media Bay Preferences had no boxes checked. I checked the boxes you had done in the picture, but no difference. In fact the Media Bay won’t even access the Cubase Content folder in my D drive. I’m downloading the Analog Techno sound-set now to see if it works.


Just downloaded Analog Techno and when I click on the .vstsound file, this is what I see:
Analog Techno

Please see:
Missing Loops & Samples - #2 by Romantique_Tp

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Hi Romantique_Tp:

Thanks so much! Your fix worked perfectly.