Another user with Cubase/EW play problems

Hi all

I’m having issues with Cubase 10.5 crashing every time it loads a particular piece which uses EastWest Play Hollywood Choirs. This is the first time I have been using this library with Cubase ( I have tried it with FL studio and it works fine) and after a few days when opening Cubase it would initialize, show that it is loading the Hollywood choirs plugin then immediately close. If I disable the plugin the project opens up fine. I saw this thread and followed the instructions on how to fix the problem, this did fix it for 1 day and it went back to the same problem [RESOLVED] Cubase Pro 10.5 crashes everytime EW Play 6.1.8 loads

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Please see attached .dmp file Cubase Artist 64bit 2021.3.7 (1.5 MB)


I’m sorry, resolving of the attached DMP file failed. Could you try to attach another one, please?