Antares AT 7 crashing Cubase- Not Pro Tools

I have Antares Auto Tune 7 Vst 64 bit and AAX 64 bit. Suddenly, every time I try to open Antares in Cubase, Cubase stops working and closes.

This does not happen with Pro Tools 11.

I first contacted Antares and they had me uninstall all their software and Pace’s, then reinstall and sync with iLok. Nothing changed: AT works with Pro Tools but not Cubase.

Any thoughts to why this is an Antares/Cubase problem?

Thank you,

That’s a 2 1/2 year old thread with no solution. Did I miss something?

I’m not sure if you’re missing anything…just making you aware that there have been similar problems reported previously.
Might be worth asking Antares if they are aware of this and whether it was fixed.

Actually I see you say “suddenly, every time”…are you saying that it worked OK before with same versions of everything??

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, it did work OK with the same version. Then, it started crashing Cubase- when I click on the plugin in the insert slot it goes white and Cubase crashes. I’m going to test if it crashes Cubase in a new project. However, none of my other plugins- UA/Waves/Slate/Steinberg- crash Cubase in the project I’m using in which Antares does. So, there’s something with Antares that is different.

Make sure you’re not running out of ram in this project.

It was an iLok issue.

The day everybody dumps iLok will be a good day.