Antelope AFX2DAW Crashing Cubase

I’ve recently bought the Zen Q from Antelope Audio and I’m having issues with Cubase crashing when using the AFX2DAW plugin. Is anyone else experiencing the same? I’m on a PC, Cubase 11 Pro.

Check if you don’t have some plugins or microphones from Antelope, but it was installed - it will be crashed Cubase.

I’m not sure what you mean, sorry? I only have one plugin, and that’s the AFX2DAW, which I’m using to add Antelope plugins within the project.

I was bought Zen Go. And when you are installing the drivers, I was also installed some microphones from Antelope, but of course I don’t have them and it was crashed Cubase. When I was removed these vst3, all works great. But anyway I don’t like Zen Go. It works bad on Windows and I purchased RME. So, run Cubase in the safe mode and check it

OK thanks. I don’t have anything installed that I haven’t bought. I think the issue is that if you have AFX2DAW inserted in a project, and you launch Cubase, the console launches at the same time which causes Cubase to hang, it’s weird.

Hm… Strange then…

Buggy driver.

Yeah… honestly my small M Audio card works better on Windows than Zen Go. Just my situation. It was the reason why I bought another quality audio interface

I was going to buy UAD. I will give it to Antelope, their vintage plugins and Pre-amps are very good, but…

Good choice!

I’m stuck with this now so just want it to work problem free.

I have a friend who bought antelope to use on a pc and he ended up sending it back and getting an rme interface. The driver for pc was too flaky and support couldn’t help to get it working. Seems they really concentrate on Mac platforms.