Antelope AFX2DAW Crashing Cubase

I’ve recently bought the Zen Q from Antelope Audio and I’m having issues with Cubase crashing when using the AFX2DAW plugin. Is anyone else experiencing the same? I’m on a PC, Cubase 11 Pro.

Check if you don’t have some plugins or microphones from Antelope, but it was installed - it will be crashed Cubase.

I’m not sure what you mean, sorry? I only have one plugin, and that’s the AFX2DAW, which I’m using to add Antelope plugins within the project.

I was bought Zen Go. And when you are installing the drivers, I was also installed some microphones from Antelope, but of course I don’t have them and it was crashed Cubase. When I was removed these vst3, all works great. But anyway I don’t like Zen Go. It works bad on Windows and I purchased RME. So, run Cubase in the safe mode and check it

OK thanks. I don’t have anything installed that I haven’t bought. I think the issue is that if you have AFX2DAW inserted in a project, and you launch Cubase, the console launches at the same time which causes Cubase to hang, it’s weird.

Hm… Strange then…

Buggy driver.

Yeah… honestly my small M Audio card works better on Windows than Zen Go. Just my situation. It was the reason why I bought another quality audio interface

I was going to buy UAD. I will give it to Antelope, their vintage plugins and Pre-amps are very good, but…

Good choice!

I’m stuck with this now so just want it to work problem free.

I have a friend who bought antelope to use on a pc and he ended up sending it back and getting an rme interface. The driver for pc was too flaky and support couldn’t help to get it working. Seems they really concentrate on Mac platforms.

Hi Mark,
more or less the same issues happened to me yesterday evening:
during a mixing session, everyone who use a DAW (at least i think) moves the plugins in the effect chain of a channel, right? So, I moved many times afx2daw plugin with some effects loaded inside to copy the afx chain into another channel, until i moved them like up or down within the same channel and… freeze. Cubase not responding.
So aftermany attemp to make it work, in the end my project where I was working doesn’t work as intended with af2da, so the plugin instances are still here but all empty, or at least it seems like that.
Did you solve your problem? And If so, how?

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Hi Angel

Recently I decided to remove the AFX2DAW vst3 plugins, so Cubase is now using the vst2. So far this seems to have stopped Cubase crashing. I don’t have any issues moving/duplicating the plugin to different channels. But when it was crashing a project, the only way to get back in is to disable 3rd party plugins, open the project, and remove AFX2DAW, which is a real PITA after mixing for hours, but so far so good since removing vst3. It would be helpful if the launcher gave you the option to only install either vst3 or vst2, but it doesn’t, it installs both.

Hi Mark, or anyone…

It’s a few months later now, but maybe you can help me.
I just bought a Antelope Zen Go with Afx2daw software.
I have installed afx2daw on my computer like Antelope it does.
But I can’t see it in Cubase. !!
I tried “update plugins” in Cubase (devices/plugin information / update plugin information)
I have a Windows 10 PC and Cubase 5.
I saw that the afx2daw software was installed in
(.dll version) in Progam files\commonfiles\steinberg\vstplugins
(.vst3 version) in Prog files\ comm files\ vst3

Do you have an idea what to do to "see’ the plugin in Cubase??
I already copied the antelope .ddl files files to Programfiles(x86) \ steinberg\cubase5\vstplugins folder. But no result.

The Netherlands

I have the same problem with my zen tour and cubase 11 pro.
close the control panel mixer… insert the afx2daw in your project, it will open by itself the control panel of antelope. insert as much as you want the will work. as if the afx2daw open twice the control panel.thats why it crashes. on studio one it works normally.
hope it solves your issue.
Assaad Habib MD

Hi Frank, did you manage to resolve this?

Hi Mark, I use Cubase 10,5 now, and this Cubase version sees the AFX2Daw plugin.
The only problem now is, that the track with the afx2daw plugin in an insert, gets delayed for about 183 msec.
With delay compensation on that track I can compensate this, but its weird. (Antelope had no solution).

I’m extremely patient and tenacious in fixing things, but long story made short: Antelope HW is great but their focus is on MacOS users and good luck if using Windows… I’m done with Antelope. :cry:

And that’s what my friend did and got a refund as it really isn’t the interface for pc users