Any drawbacks of Euphonix Mc MIX mk1 on the latest Cubase Pro?

One of my friends wants to sell his and just want to know if there are any drawbacks that I need to be aware of with Eucon & the very first fader model from Euphonix (similar to Avid Artist Mix).


[FIXED] Euphonix MC MIX - mac mojave osx - By plugging in, my Eucon Control app recognized the unit as ‘artist mix’ and automatically synced with one of my Cubase Pro 11 Project. Wow it is pretty. Thanks, it works great and I did not need any registration/re-activation work for this discontinued daw controller (if anyone is getting one)

Not that I am aware of although I cannot say with certainty as my Mixes are all Avid-branded and fairly recent. My understanding is that aside from the faceplate they are identical.

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Thanks! After some time of using BCF2000 and Alphatrack, I did find it tempting to get Avid Mix since I will be needing scribble display without any character limits if possible… but oh well, I passed on this one, cause it is poorly cracked… maybe soon. But thanks! I will be testing Eucon soon hopefully :slight_smile:

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Best of luck… I just checked Reverb and there are quite a few available for under 1k USD.

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Hey there :slight_smile: I am getting one 2nd hand finally, but um, the owner says he never registered it on his Avid account and was fine using it. Will I be ok…?

I do not need to register it on my AVID account in order to use it on Cubase…? Cheers.

It is Euphonix MC MIX mk1 model :slight_smile: (*NOT the avid model)

If memory serves you need to register the mix on your my steinberg account by entering the mix’s serial number. Now what I cannot remember is if you need to install the steinberg eucon adapter or whether its native now in cubase. In any event I do no believe you have to register with Avid for any other reason than to get eucontrol which is the avid software you need to install on your computer. To register you do not need an avid serial number or anything - just a username and password. Good luck and enjoy!!

Right right! thanks~! um… actually, I do have made AVID account to try free ‘AVID control’ app on my Android tablet.

Cubase 11 Pro did have Eucon protocol built in, I have tested it, it worked with my AVID control app.

Now my question here is, since
Euphonix MC MIX is an old unit, what if it does not get connected to my Cubase Pro 11 Eucon protocol…?

What if the gear needs its firmware updated, does not that mean I eventually need to register this unit on AVID to get the official support…?

I am just worried because I heard AVID is notorious for abandoning old units and not supporting 2nd hand unit buyers… no?

Hope I am not getting any ‘brick’ unit… lol

Hi… Once eucontrol i installed there is a firmware update section. There is no avid authentication/account/hardware validation required.

Hey there, um… to be precise,
The seller says, he bought it a year ago.
Euphonix MC MIX. The owner said, the gear is updated with the latest firmware.
So he had no trouble with using it with his Pro Tools.

But some people say about I need to get transferred, the ownership, to get its firmware and Eucon app to the latest.

What does this mean…? Do I just ignore these…?

So, he does not know original account detail, plus the serial number sticker has been torn at the back.
So, if it needs any registering work, I will be stuck, if it works plug and play, then I shall be fine…ha

I am a bit worried, but would I be fine…?
What if Eucon asks registration/actiavation in order to update the app or the mcMIX firmware…?
(Sorry my first time with AVID system…)

Wait… hold on… AVID discontinued Artist MIX and MC MIX… that means, my question here is,

will MC MIX mk1 work on Cubase Pro 11…?

Yes no issues… the artist series all work perfectly in cubase 11

Hi… I believe you will need the serial number to register eucon with your my steinberg account but that’s all that is required aside from getting eucontrol from avid, which does not require any hardware registration,

Hold on… that’s a bummer.
I do not have registration number (he does not know serial number, but he was fine without it with his ProTools setup, he ← is not the first buyer, he bought it also second-handed)… and back of this unit I bought, sticker has been torn… haha

Any chance that I won’t be able to use it…?

I have Cubase Pro 11 installed, Eucon installed. (Eucon has been implemented since after Cubase 6 right…?)
He said, MC MIX is updated with the latest Firmware.

ooh… I am worried… lol

I thought it would be just a ‘plug-n-play’ since it has been discontinued…
Shall I try emailing Avid…?

p.s: one note, I asked this one user, who has been using one MC MIX unit (mk1) on his Cubase 10.5 PC… and he did not need to register the hardware, he just installed Eucon and it was just working… would I be ok…?

But the seller told me, send the unit back if it does not work… he will refund the money.

Do you have eucontrol installed?

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um, I believe so. I have downloaded on AVID website, I did that a few weeks ago, just to try Android AVID control free app. Isn’t it what you are talking about…?

I just cannot find correct answer to my problem on the internet, since… most postings are really old and there have been a few major updates with Eucon and now the MC MIX /ARTIST MIX units are discontinued… and… I just want to get clarification on m situation hehe

If it does ‘plug-n-play’ then I will be all good. but if Eucon asks me to ‘register’ or ‘activate’ the MC MIX hardware in order to get it working on my Cubase… then I am bricked and I have no hope…( since I do not have the serial number and the seller does not have it neither and he bought it second hand years~ ago… so… yeah)

So maybe its best to get an actual avid-branded mix with a visible serial #. One more thing btw, you may wish to consider an Avid Control rather than mix. You still get 4 flying fader but you also get the touchscreen, jog wheel and control room features all of which are extremely useful. The touch screen is pretty-much entirely programmable and is very powerful.

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Here’s one on reverb… Avid Artist Control Free shipping | Matt’s Shop | Reverb

I have two old Euphonix MC Mix Controllers from 2009, working fine with the latest EuControl, lateste Protools 2020.9 and Cubase 10.5. Allthough, not all functions that are provided with EuControl are supported in Cubase, but this is another topic…

The thing is… um, I have paid already lol and he told me try it and if it does not work, just return it… but he is saying I shall have no problem because he did not need to register/nor re-activate the Euphonix Mc Mix neither with his Pro Tools. I really think I gotta get my hands on and test myself haha