any future updates for “regular” (pre-10.5) cubase 10 ?

will there be any free updates for cubase 10 ( pre-10.5 version ) 10.0.5 ? like bug fixes and improvements ?

Even though steinberg released a paid half version .5 but they skipped 10.1, 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4 , and since the 10.5 isn’t free and an optional upgrade, there are still some bugs in version 10 and need for fixes

yes some time around March likely

Ok nice.

Oh wait isn’t it when cubase 11 would come out ?

probably around then yea maybe April? can’t remember.

11 wont be out until next november…


9.0 received one further maintenance update after 9.5 released - but all this did was backport some bug fixes from 9.5. It was released in the March after the 9.5 release.

There is no guarantee Steinberg will follow their historic practice. If there is a further 10.0 release, I expect it will be version 10.0.60 and am all but certain it will not contain any new features, just high priority fixes from 10.5 that are easily backportable.

If you are already on 10.0 then the upgrade to 10.5 is not particularly expensive. You can continue to run 10.0 once you have upgraded to a 10.5 licence - indeed, you can have multiple versions of Cubase installed on the same machine. The upgrade to Padshop 2 (for Cubase Pro and Artist users) alone might justify the cost if you have any use for that instrument.

Unless you are short of money at the moment, the only reason I can think of to hold back from a 10.5 upgrade is if you do not meet the much stricter operating system requirements for 10.5 (the only OSes officially supported are Windows 10 x64 1709 and 1803, also OS X 10.14 or 10.15). Some success has been reported with older OSes, but there is no guarantee things will work properly.

Matthias’ first post in the attached topic (near the bottom) clearly states that there will be one more maintenance update for CB 10. The release date is not yet set.

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Thanks for pointing that out - I had missed that. It is good to know there will be a final 10.0 maintenance release, likely in a few months’ time. I think we can be fairly certain this release will be backported bug fixes from 10.5 only. 10.0 was feature complete once the promised ARA2 support was delivered and I expect anyone wanting new features will need to pay to upgrade.