Any hints about 1.9 ...

Any hints / news about what’s coming in 1.9 :wink:

I heard it was time stretching…


there will be a 1.8.x update before the 1.9 update but I can’t give any details about timing or features now.

Thanks for that info!

I for one would appreciate a fix for the chord pads in a maintenance patch.

Hi ltf3,

Can you please elaborate more on that? Do you have a step-by-step problem description?


Yes, I should have been clearer…

If I assign a polyphonic non drum instrument to a track and open the keyboard, the keys and chord pads above work as expected.

However if I switch the keyboard to pads view the pads, which have chords assigned to them, only play a single note. If I edit one of the pads the chord editor opens and chords play from there as adjustments are made, but the edited pad still only plays one note.

Hope this makes sense



Hi guys,

that chord pads issue will be fixed with the next 1.8.x update. :slight_smile:

awesome … As usual!