any luck with 32 bit xp anyone ?

just wondering if anyone has managed to get c6 working on xp yet or is it a no go ?


I’m a curious about this also myself including XP 64bit. I’m extremely reluctant to move to Windows 7, everything works fine for me right now on windows XP 64, my system is solid, and there is no reason what so ever for me to move to Windows 7. I know a lot of people that have not, they’re scared to, why Steinberg will not support Windows XP also is beyond me. After living through the nightmares of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, and finally getting a solid running machine on Windows XP 64 can you blame anyone for not wanting to “upgrade” to Windows 7?

I received my C6 in my office, where I use Windows XP 32 bit. I installed it and it ran without problems.

is there any reason why it shouldn’t run well on XP?

here´s a guy, cubase 6 running really stable on his win xp system:

no, no reason why it shouldn’t but as there is no support these questions need to be asked before having to fork out shed loads of dosh to upgrade to make it run on win 7



Well that’s good to know, I’ll dish out the money then for the upgrade. I literally just upgraded to the x64 version of XP I don’t feel like dishing out the money again to upgrade to Windows 7 and have to reinstall all my software again. I finally got everything running well on XP x64. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

FOR GOD’S SAKES!! GET RID OF THE OLD XP FINALLY AND UPDATE TO WINDOWS 7 !! XP is 10 years old Operating System!!! Do you folks actually think that XP is going to be around forever!!! :smiley: :smiley:

You will HAVE TO upgrade your OS’s eventually ANYWAY and Steinberg did a VERY SMART MOVE for not officially starting to put enormous amounts of resources for making Cubase 6 compatible to who-knows-what retarded Operating Systems and their almost as out-dated users!! No offense!!!

I just can’t get used to this utterly ANNOYING resistance for change. In EVERYWHERE and about EVERYTHING! Now I don’t mean just PC users since this subject is beyond the scope of this thread, but please, AT LEAST TRY to realize that you (should be, at least) are living in the 21st century and its second decade!

I have had Windows 7 for ages and in many ways, I’ve gotta say that one thing that is good in Finland is, that people here MORE OFTEN stay tuned when it comes to new technology. At least I do and am damn proud of it.

“Don’t wanna re-install my PC”… ARGH!! What will you ppl do if your hard drive gets busted and there’s no backup as is the case with most of you? It’s a one day job to reinstall the PC with software such as mine. And I can GUARANTEE that it’s a sh*tload of stuff! And if I can make my PC fully functional from scratch in ONE day, then believe me, you’re PC is a snack-bite to install. For 99% of yours, anyways.

So if you wanna update to Cubase 6, update your PC’s or at least its Operating system. Simple as that! Otherwise stick to Windows XP, use Cubase 5 and try to be happy - AND stop whining.

Haven’t slept for 35 hours so no offense, I’ll say that once more. Don’t mean to be an a** here, even if I know myself that I probably am being just that. But darn these threads ppl nagging about “why no xp support, why no this and that and I need this and I need the freakin’ moon from the sky!!!”.

But if someone doesn’t think that I just MIGHT be making a point here, please be so kind and start a verbal fight with me.

And if it’s still unclear to anyone, my point is: The world is evolving - so accept the change and evolve with it - or live in the past. Not one of my worries.

Good morning everyone. Sorry - forgot to say that.

PS. And since every other dipwhit (don’t even know the word) are including - FOR SOME STRANGE REASON - their equipment and software on their signatures, maybe I can join the club:

Win 7 64-bit, 16GB DDR3 RAM, RAID0 stripe set (6500GB Western Digital Black series SATA2 HD’s), 2256GB Intel SSD RAID0 for Windows, 224" BENQ Monitors, 2 Intel Core i7 @ 8 (virtual 16) *3,67GHz, Cubase 6.0 64-bit and 32-bit, Halion Symphonic Orchestra 1.5, Groove Agent 3, Adobe Creative Suite CS5 Complete, Office 2010 Professional Complete, Adobe Acrobat X Pro, Nero 10 Full Bundle, 3D Studio Max 2011, Sound Forge 10, Waves 7 Complete Bundle, Native Instruments Komplete 7 Bundle, LINE6 full software + plugins catalog, Acronis Backup & Recovery 10, Norton Internet Security 2011… and an OLD MICROSOFT MOUSE :smiley:

Double post

oooiii ,KEEP YOUR SHIRT ON , if you don’t like what’s in the thread then dont read it , there are a lot of us still using xp and HARDWARE unlike you plugin dimwits and it will cost us shed loads to upgrade to 7 because people like yamaha no longer support mlan and steinberg no longer support midex and other manufactures no longer support their obsolete hardware ,so plugin boy (no offence) if you would like to pay the cost of our upgrades to win 7 then get the cheque in the post to us or sit back and FOE the thread and let us get on with gaining the information that we need to update to the latest program at a cost affective way. like other users of c5 upgrading to c6 i don’t want to have to make great bits of kit obsolete especially where they are a main part of our OUTBOARD gear ( and looking at your sign it looks like i might need to explain what an outboard is ), if you want to use 7 well go forth an use or shut your eyes and glide past this thread



No legacy piece of equipment needs to be made obsolete, providing you are prepared to learn about the VST System Link.

I have a TC Electronic PowerCore that is no longer in development, fortunately the company is still providing bug fixes for drivers up to and including the latest OS’s but the plugins themselves won’t be developed any further.

What it means is, the system is now legacy and must be run on a legacy operating system, which is fine since I can access it via the VST System Link protocol.

Of course I’d rather it be developed because it hasn’t reached its’ potential but that’s how some companies are.

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FOR GOD’S SAKES!! GET RID OF THE OLD XP FINALLY AND UPDATE TO WINDOWS 7 !! XP is 10 years old Operating System!!! Do you folks actually think that XP is going to be around forever!!!

Interesting, do you know that Alan Wilder, formerly of Depeche Mode current project Recoil, still uses an Atari and Cubase to do his sequencing on? Clearly a person that is brilliant when it comes to production and synth programmin par none.

Just wanted to educate you on that. Hold your tongue next time you decide to say something completely and utterly stupid.

plugin dimwits?

we are not the ones who bought hardware that became prematurely obsolete, some of us knew better, so today we are able to stay up to date without much more than paying the price of the upgrade itself.

so who are the real dimwits here?

if you want to start a major argument then go a head samicide but if you look closely at the way it was worded it was aimed at “mouth before brain man” and if you take a fence to that then thats your problem , i use plugin’s as well and maybe “if” you had been using cubase since the early days then you would be collecting hardware that is going out of date and obsolete and realise how frustrating it is when you have to folk out sh$t loads of dosh to upgrade



:laughing: Nonsence - he’s using Logic & ProTools on Mac.

if I had been using cubase since the atari days then I would have smartened up a long time ago after reading posts from Hippo and others…

so I guess that settles the dimwit accusation.

An article I read on him about 3 or 4 years ago he was using an atari with Cubase for sequencing. That could have possibly changed, but regardless, my point is still made and valid.