Any luck with hitpoints?

Is anyone here using hitpoint detection on multitrack drums successfully? I updated from 8.5 which had pretty good hitpoint detection and I’m finding it inaccurate, thus useless. Just wondering if it’s an isolated issue specific to me.

Original post with screen shots.

I used hit points yesterday on a single, predictable drum track and they are so far off it’s untrue. So broken right now.

Has anyone tried resetting the hitpoints as someone tried in that previous post and getting CB to do it again? Apparently that worked for the last post in the previous thread.

I’ve been getting the same results with automatic detection and manual so it unfortunately didn’t help… just rather annoying to close c10 and open 8.5 to do hitpoint things and then go back. However, I will say that c10 seems to be more stable and I don’t have any asio issues…

Yeah, same issue here. Completely useless and inaccurate. Deleting hitpoints and re-detecting them doesn’t help. Worked well in C.9.5.40.

Same here. So frustrating. I would put this immediately in the Issues forum, and we’ll back you up there.

I’m the guy in that other post; but am probably back with the rest of you now. The luck soon ran out…

Can’t get anything reliable.! Tried some bass guitar stuff and some other drum/perc passages - not great… clearing and resetting is at best hit-and-miss (sorry!). It helps I guess, but I want to rely on it - especially on longer stretches of files.

I’ve seen Ableton and PT - they both nail this task, absolutely. So, its not beyond the realms…

For me it is better than before, but could absolutely be better.