Hitpoint detection broken.

The new hitpoint detection algorithm is not accurate what-so-ever. Here are pictures of the same section in Cubase 8.5 vs Cubase 10. Can’t believe this was overlooked.

Not this still happening, please…!?
Can you maybe open a support ticket and send your sample file to them…?
This has to get properly sorted :neutral_face:

I will figure out how to open a support ticket. And a sample file doesn’t matter, I’ve tested this with voice, drums, tapping on the microphone and it’s the same result.

Fine, understood…

I completed my purchase and install of C10 earlier - which all thankfully went without any dramas - and immediately tried this ‘new’ Hitpoint Detection stuff.

I dragged in a SB supplied file (a funky drum loop) and my heart sank as I noticed the not-very-good hitpoint placement (as you had seen). BUT, Cubase had done the Hitpoint detection itself, upon dragging to an Audio Track; so I removed all hitpoints (reset) and pressed the Edit Hitpoint arrow myself. Voila.! EVERY hitpoint was detected nicely and placed spot-on.! I was so relieved to see that.

Then I tried with one of my own Audio drum files, and that worked perfect as well (using the Edit Hitpoint arrow myself). :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed, but will be keeping an eye on this…!!

Not working here …

Have to report my earlier findings didn’t hold up with other (busier drum/perc or bass gtr) material I threw at it; obvious peaks missed, detections placed where no transient existed. Adjusting the threshold, or resetting and re-enabling, sometimes got slightly better results. Hand editing afterwards was pretty much always needed.

In summary, I struggle to trust use of the tool (unlike I’ve seen colleagues work in Ableton or PT). I’ve heard very good things about Logic and Reaper in this area too.

yep! same here!

hit and miss now this feature.

+1 more for broken hitpoint detection…

It’s super inconvenient to have to load sessions into 9.5 to edit and then reload into 10 to resume production. Kinda negated the whole “faster workflow” line Steinberg is feeding us…

Tragic. I’ve been using hitpoint detection to blend samples with live drums for years (detect hitpoints - set threshold - check the inactive hits and activate them - quickly run through the hits and fix the wrong ones). In Cubase 9.5.4 it worked incredibly well on snare and kick. Not so good on toms, but it was still useful.

Today I finally started a mixing project in Cubase 10 and…

On every hit! Checked it on toms, on snare, on kick. Hitpoints are useless now. My workflow is now broken. Why I never learn? I knew that Audio Alignment won’t be half as good as Revoice. I knew that I won’t use Variaudio 3. The only useful feature I have now is AAF import, the rest is either the same or broken. Still bought version 10.

In fact, it’s the third thing that is broken in Cubase 10! The second one was wrong Direct Offline Processing that affects the file length (Pitch shift without time correction). The audio crackles like crazy and its resulting length is definitely wrong. Does this problem have the same nature? Something with re-designing things that were working just fine, as usual? The DAW is broken!

The first problem I had was Audio Alignment crashing on me spontaneously. So I just returned to my original Revoice routine (that still delivers much tighter alignment).

Please, fix that hitpoint issue! It’s a shame to say the least and an insult to all users to say the worst.

Confirmed. Please fix as soon as humanly possible – I depend on this for a lot of my work.

Audio Alignment.? Not satisfactory; lots of artifacts, stretches where there shouldn’t be any, downbeats missed entirely (against the reference).
Hitpoint Detection.? I’ve no real sense of improvement with this, since I don’t know when… clumsy, unreliable.

I think they have a lot to do before the first maintenance update, I don’t remember such a problematic release in a long time.

Damnit whats up with the hitpoints?? Totally fucked up! I can not work that way, completely useless!

Confirmed.the detection is quite off. I dearly hope this will get fixed in the first update.

The problem is: With this kind of issue C10 is almost useless!

It is not possible to edit drums! This is a very basic feature which I need in EVERY recording session. At one point I have to edit drums. --> broken!!

This needs to be fixed with some kind of a patch or something within a very short time.

I am stick to 9.5, unfortunately now.

How can this be broken? Hitpoints never were 100% perfect but they are working since years… I always had some timing issues when it comes to “sample precise” - that rendered hitpoints more or less useless for drumreplacement tasks, but it worked ok when it comes to slicing drums.

Still not accurate with v 10.0.10

+1. Happened to me, too, a few days ago with CB Pro 10. Couldn’t quantize audio…

+1. Detection has never been great but now is worse in C10. Usually works OK for drums but pretty useless for other less percussive sounds. Can’t work reliably in C10. Staying with 9.5 until some more things get resolved. Come on, can this really be that hard to code?

+1 can’t believe this…

Hard to believe as hitpoint detection was updated as I understand to be even better. With these findings now I wonder how SB ever used hitpoint detection? And also by hearing / reading about their current attitiude I am afraid that many broken things are sold as features (like missing led indicators in channel strip).