Any new OFFICIAL updates on the drivers for MacOS 11 Big Sur and the M1 chips?

Thanks, Ed. Fingers crossed.

It’s out!!! Rosetta 2 needed to function still, but looks like they’re still testing the M1 native driver.

Something is better than nothing!

Please, update FW driver too!! Please!!

Great! Thank you so much! I actually didn’t have to use Rosetta, I just installed it, restarted my mac, connected the device and that’s it!

FW like FireWire? I think the FireWire is totally out from macos 11 (any FireWire device). It’s not working even with Intel mac. :frowning:

I’m speaking with a translator.
I installed the driver on the m1 McMini and found a dropout symptom.
How about you guys?

No, Firewire steinberg and yamaha audio card (and all the others!) can be connected to new macs via thunderbolt, with the fw/thunderbolt adaptor by apple.
The problen is that yamaha-steinberg fw driver works till to macOs 10.14 Mojave, because they (and their control panel) are in 32bit. From macOs 10.15 Catalina (therefore Catalina and Big Sur), it’s impossible to run 32bit apps/drivers on mac, only 64bit is admitted. So, if Yamaha-Steinberg won’t update Fw drivers, who has an “old” audio card (I buyed my new yamaha n12 in 2016, in a shop, new not used or out of stock) can’t use it on new macs with new macOs, but new products (Cubase 11 for example) wants new macOs. This is totally crazy. And they say they don’t want update.

I had 2.0.5 installed yet I still had to first change the security to reduced. To me the instructions make it sound like you don’t need that step if you have a version installed. That was not the case for me.

Just got my new Apple M1 machine to replace an 11yrs old iMac. I have been using the UR22mkII and its been just great.
Now the new M1 finds the UR22 just fine and the USB light doesn’t blink but is solid as it should. I even get a sound out of my Yamaha monitors through the UR22 BUT its distorted and the signal is very weak and has major lag in it.

After I downloaded the new USBDriver I tried to lower the security level on M1 and allowed the Kernel extensions from Yamaha corporation as advised on Steinberg support pages but it almost broke the whole system!

MacBook started to reboot and crash and reboot and crash for maybe 20min before it made a “panic reboot” and fixed the problem automatically and restricted all extensions.

So after some terrible moments I still do not get decent sound out through the UR device.

What might be the issue and does this appear with anyone else?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Jerzy,
Could you provide a screenshot of the Audio MIDI setup showing the sidebar with the available devices? We had reports of the driver not being recognized correctly and the system made a fallback to the class compliant mode. Even though there is no CC mode for the first UR22, I would like to see how the unit is listed in there.

You would think Steinberg/Yamaha would put out a new control panel and driver for the MR816 on M1. I love the interface and my new macbook air. I just with I could use them together. I have been a support of Steinberg for a long time and would love some support.

My UR22 sound card light is blinking after Big sur 11.6 update. Not working. Please help :frowning:

Did you update the driver too?

yes I updated it, it didn’t fix it. The light is flashing but the system does not see it

Are you on an Intel Mac or M1?
There are specific instructions for M1 here:

Or have you already been through that?

It looks like there is a bit of a history of this issue happening on both Mac and Windows over the years.

It seems the general theme is that it will do it if there isn’t enough BUS power being supplied to the interface which is odd as it’s the only way you can power it as far as I can see in the manual (are you definitely on the UR22 and not the UR22 MkII?):

Apple mentions the generic issue here:

Sweetwater provides info here for getting Macs and interfaces talking:

Macs also have loads of permissions barriers now too – have you checked some of this information as well about granting the microphone input access?

Some other people mention making sure the interface is plugged in on boot up or just trying another port:

Addionally, the manual has troubleshooting steps on page 13:

Sorry you have been having issues – hopefully with some searching through these you can solve the problem.

BTW Sweetwater has a guide for DAW optimisation on a MAC. It’s for Catalina but it would probably still apply for Big Sur too:

thanks. I checked all of them but nothing.
my computer is 2019 - i9 intel and Big Sur 11.6… the problem started after the latest system update.

Maybe start a new thread with a more relavent title to your specific problem as you are using Intel and not M1 etc.

I would use something like this as the title:

“UR22 sound card light is blinking after latest Big Sur 11.6 system update”

Then explain the issue with all your computer specs included.

That will probably attract more users to look into your issue for you as this thread is slightly different in topic/content.

thanks :slight_smile:

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I’ve installed new driver on M1 MacBook pro, lowered security, installed extensions. Stienberg will show connected and the sound bar move but no sound out through the output devices. Then Stienberg disappears and a few minutes reappears. The continues to repeat.

I tried to upload new firmware to my Stienberg MR22 but the install software will not run on Monterey OS. I do not wish to spend a few hundred dollars moving to a new interface but Im running out of time and need to start producing something.

Are fixes to come out soon? Reading this thread what I installed was the new release but it simply does not work.

Reporting Back. MR22 is working now.

First connecting the MR22 it sound clear and clean but keep disconnecting.
Steps to resolve:

  1. Install MR22 drivers. Decrease MAC security and enable extensions.
  • was unable to get any sound but sound bar moving.
  • MR22 still disconnecting and reconnect.
  1. Increase MAC security and remove Stienburg extensions. Deleted MR22 driver.
  2. Rebooted and noticed the MR22 connection was up and staying up. Audio input from MR22 was in mono. Changed Logic Pro setting for MR22 input for 2 channels and working fine now.

During all this I spent a lot of time in Audio MIDI Setup trying to fix. But the MR22 disconnecting was frustrating. The sound bar meter would show input but was not hearing anything through the head set or speakers. This fixed itself when deleting the MR22 driver. Which now it seems the MR22 works straight out of the box.

The UBS cable presentation to MK22 and to MAC never changed. I checked it many time and cable was also snug and good.