UR22 Blinking USB connection

It has been like this for a few weeks, I have tried reinstalling the driver, switching cables, anything short of rebooting my computer from scratch.

Anyone else having issues with the UR22 USB light flashing white, and never connecting to your computer?

We have the same problem on Mac Pro’s with OSX 10.9.2.
see my post to:

hi there,

I have experienced this and can tell you why it happend for me and my couple of setups. my unit would flash at me if it is not getting enough power through the usb port it is connected to. It can be easily over looked as was my case on a laptop. Had ur22 plugged in directly and also on the same usb port pair a non powered hub with a mouse , keyboard and another zoom gtr pedal powered by usb. what was happening was that the usb port could not supply enough current for all devices plugged into to work correctly even though they are all low power drawing items. windows may or may not warn you, but it will shut down the power to that usb port. and ofcourse all devices connect through that port will stop working correctly.
I hope my experience can help you in some way.


This still happens to me with my 13" Macbook Pro, Late 2012 ,Mac OS 10.10.5
Even when the USB cable is in the USB port alone.
It doesn’t happen always though. But today for an example I disconnected and connected the USB cable maybe 20 times during 3 hours and finally it started working.

My UR22’s driver version is V1.9.8

This is only 2 years old device for god’s sake!
I assume the warranty is only for 2 years.