Any news on Cubase 6 ?

I don’t get that excited about new releases but this is just the kind of stuff I was hoping for.

If we don’t get moveable frozen parts, my head is going to pop off. :imp:

You might get your movable frozen parts but in a different form than you may expect, if the Track Edit Groups also apply to MIDI.

Is it possible to get some info from Steinberg Team about C6?

Some indirect info is out already.
I hate speculations what will be and what not…

Webinar on C6 new features will be going on in 20 days.

A list of features would be really nice!

Here it is: Cubase 6 is coming -

Looks like competing with ProTools… but unfortunately not with Logic, at least by first sight.

I hope that C6 has Clip Packages like N5. That feature alone is seriously having me consider Nuendo.

I really hope this is not all for C6: I still expect a unified Instrument Track - disabling the old VST rack - and the use for multi-out instruments as well. Maybe some more mixer routing improvements…

Dear customers,

Since much of the information has reached you prior to the official announcement, we’ve decided to respond to this thread. Yes, Cubase 6 will be announced at the NAMM. However, we ask you to sit tight – it’s only another week. Please understand that we want to introduce it to the public in a professional manner and not spill all the beans ahead of the big day. So hang in there! :sunglasses:

:sunglasses: Thank you for the information Carlos. Really looking forward to it!!

Cubase! Now with 10% more beans … it’s official.

Thanks for the info. I hope next week Steinberg will release the entire list of new features added to C6.

Thanks Carlos!

I have just decided to upgrade to Cubase 5. Now I read that Cubase 6 is on it’s way. I’m not a innovator, somebody who want something that is new immediatly, but it would be nice that I can buy Cubase 5 and than update to 6 for free or a little amout €($), not again the update prize.
I’ve heard that Steinberg have done something in the past.

My question is: does Steinberg do that always, sorry I don’t know the name for it, If you buy a product within a certain time that it is released, that you can update for “free”.
If so, how can I find out when this period is?

I’m sure they will include a ‘Grace Period’ for (free) updates to the latest edition - or, at the least a very minimal extra cost. Sounds like you’ll need to hang on a week or so for details to emerge… :slight_smile:


Disabling the Old VST RACK? why? I think having VST rack is just great, specially for Multi-timbrial instruments. What would be cool is if Steinberg took this VST rack idea further and allowed us to start instruments on networked computers via VST rack. Sort of like Vienna Ensemble PRO does, but from within VST rack. That would be an industry first!

I do hope that we’ll see more new features in Cubase 6 then what was posted on the Webinar, but nevertheless I’m happy to see that new version of Cubase is coming.

At last…

Looks like an update to C6 from C4 may just be on the cards :smiley:

Thanks for the confirmation, I’d received the same notification as the others… won’t spend my Christmas money just yet then! :sunglasses: :mrgreen: :ugeek:

Any idea on pricing??? :astonished:

If i remember correctly it was $179 to upgrade to v.5, prior to that it was $149. Let’s just wait and see… :slight_smile:

Hopefully the lower price! But we know how the world turns eh! :frowning:

So far the feature set looks nice (and if there’s more, even better). Gonna be an expensive upgrade for me
(Q6600 2Gb -> i7 +6Gb, WinXp -> W7x64, C5->C6)