Any news on the goodbye to dongle?

So. I have a MacBook Pro. It has 4 USBC ports. I was just gifted a Streamdeck. It’s great with Cubase. It occupies one port. And I have all my sample libraries on an external SSD. And that’s another port. My MacBook need to be powered through the third USB. And, of course, I fire up Cubase to play it with my USB keyboard.
And I don’t actually know where to put the dongle since all my USB ports are occupied by devices that actually give me something in exchange for taking up space. Cubase could just work like literally any other software I have installed on my computer, but it does not.

Any update on the dongle thing? Soon won’t be soon enough.

To ask this every two weeks leads to nothing… it wont speed up things…
The official statement is 2 months old… so what you expect here?
They announced a new license management for the future…

Use the right tools for the task, maybe the MacBook Pro is not the right tool, if it is that limited with USB ports… and btw an USB Hub (30€?) would solve some problems, it can easily handle the StreamDeck, the Dongle, your SSD and your Keyboard.
And there are models available that provide power to the MacBook as well… one device frees up 3 USB ports…!