Any one excited about VST Cloud?

Just curious, are people here excited by these new collaborative tools? Do they need them, plan to use them?

I’ve spent the past 25 years using Cubase to make my living, and not once has it been a problem sharing wavs via dropbox (or DATs in the early days), etc. In my circle, Cubase is a minatory DAW anyway, so I just can’t ever see myself being able to get any use from this, yet I’m guessing a lot of money has gone into the development of these features.

I’m happy to pay for upgrades, and there’s some useful stuff in 8.5 which I’m thrilled to have, but I’m not sold on this one.

It looks pretty basic at the moment.

To be truly useful I think it would have to be a full social media style thing, with a web based presence as well with more expansive profiles. Also some sort of plug-in sharing system would be fantastic… ie you’re able to run other peoples bought third party plug ins but perhaps not change the settings. I think that would be advantageous for plug in developers and users alike.

As I understand it however we’re not actually sharing projects just the files? Is that right?


I think this is an amazing update, although I don’t care about the VST cloud thing at all.
I still think it’s funny that AVID announced this 1.5 years ago for PT but they still could not deliver… :laughing:

It looks interesting and I collaborate on a lot of projects. But the space limit is the main problem for me, my albums will take upwards of 150GBytes when nearing completion and the starting size for a song is usually +1GB from say a live rehearsal even though I’d be using FLAC. Currently I share through BitTorrentSync because there’s no limit apart from the hard disk space.

I quite like the idea of chats and messages, this would help streamline the discussion and organisation of effort.

But, I actually collaborate with 2 people who have Artist, 1 person who has Elements and 1 person who has the iPad version. Question is: do they even get Transit as a feature?

Anyway, right now we just share the project directory and they open and edit my Pro CPR files and vice versa without any problems at all - so its all working well in this fashion. [iPad’s bit different but it can still open my CPR files and generate MP3s of new recorded tracks to email back to me.]


This is kind of my point. Dropbox works brilliantly for sharing project files, with no limitations. Unless this is a stepping stone towards more cloud-based services.

I agree. I don´t think VST cloud is going to get much use here. Mainly because no-one(in my sphere) is really using Cubase, it´s logic and PT all the way…poor souls…

not excited.

no-one else in EDM uses Cubase. They all use Abelton Live. Cubase is just too expensive for them, they can barely afford new wheels for their skateboards (amongst other reasons).

Yes this is what i was thinking after reading between the lines…
Online storage is either dirt cheap or free these days so i’m about as excited as if i had just found out i’ve got haemorrhoids (which i don’t incidently) and with only 1GB of traffic per month (iirc) is about as useful as haemorrhoids too! :laughing: :laughing:

Personally i think if someone is intelligent enough to use cubase then they’re smart enough to be able to zip up a project and use one of the plethora of free services already available…

Those coding hours would have been MUCH better spent on bug fixes imho!

Moaning aside, there is also some VERY cool stuff with this update.

VST cloud is propably the last thing on my wishlist, dont think I will ever use it…

Being a cantankerous old misanthrope the word ‘collaboration’ to me means WWII French Nazis. (the PC filter changed the word which sounds like nuttsies to hippie… oh god…)

Then you haven’t looked into the pricing of Ableton Live!
A new Live 9.5 Suite license (which exceeds the equivalent featureset of Cubase Pro 8.5) tops $1000,
add a Push2 and you’re over $1400

I tried it out of curiosity , saved a project to the cloud then tried to open it : crash.

When a basic function of an already basic thing doesn’t work , I’m not going to try it further …
Bad developers .

Apart from that C 8.5 is great .

Im old school and still live by the …DO NOT CONNECT THE DAW TO THE INTERNET rule so nope it’s about as useful as a 303 with dead batteries


And out of curiosity, has there ever been a massive feature request, from us users? I cant remember I have read any threads anywhere about the need of a VST cloud thing. If there are any, it would be interresting to read them now…

Personally, I record drums in a different studio than I do the rest of the production, and dropbox has fitted my needs for years now. Maybe VST cloud would be good for me, but I prefer not to depend too much on internet inside my DAW. (or, at all).

VST Cloud is definitely not for me, because everything I do, I do on my own, and that’s what I, as a musician, like about DAWs and computer music technology in general.

Me too.

I suppose he meant EDM folks can easily download, install and use Ableton “for free”, and this, of course, makes it cheaper than Cubase, in a way.

Same here buddy. I’m off the grid :laughing:

We all know that guy who asked for this feature, just watch the video. His name is Andy Schrav :laughing: Shame on you, Andy!!