Any plans to improve automation editing?

I use both and I prefer Cubase - but then neither is 100% perfect IMHO.

I’d like Cubase to allow me to grab a line like PT does, then drag that up and down (obviously this can be done by lassoing the blobs and moving those, but it’d be quicker if I could grab the line directly, maybe using a key modifier?).

And, even better, if I’m using the range tool and grab a line, how about automatically adding blobs at the boundaries so it only adjusts the volume within the range? That’d be great for adjusting a whole chorus quickly.

If you list some features that you’d like then there’s a chance that Steinberg pick up on them I think…


Yes, I suppose I have noticed that blob selection is tricky sometimes. Something which would help us here Steinberg would be a hover behaviour perhaps - not hiding the blobs (please!) but something where they change colour to indicate which one you’re about to select. Or maybe a cursor change? Like hovering over links in a web page, some light up, others change the cursor. Or both.

Also, I tend to use the cursor keys a lot which isn’t possible in PT, so that’s better for me in Cubase. For example, I’ll select a blob which is easy to select and then click right or left arrows to move my selection to next/prev blobs. Hold down Ctrl with the arrows and it’s multiple selection. Then I use the info line to change the value of the blob (which is most often what I do because I want say specific 1dB changes usually, e.g. vocals up for the chorus).

Again, there’s no info line in PT, so precise 1dB changes are more difficult, you have to strain your eyes and carefully move the mouse to see the dB change in the tooltip. Having said that though, PT does give you the absolute value and the +/- change in the tool tip, which Cubase doesn’t…

If all these features were in both apps then that’d be brilliant!


I think everyone will benefit from smoother line tools the parabola is often too similar to 3 straight lines to apear like a curve… I want real curves higher resolution curves so you dont hear the change between one straight parabola line to the next so easily.

And this very nice feature is not included in ProTools…
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