Any Steinberg Update on the promised EUCON support?


is there any news about the update of the EUCON-Adapter that has been promised here in the forum for “in the future” and “with Eucon 3”?

Especially the synch of mixer view (hidden channels) is long overdue, isn’t it?

Could any Steinberg official get precise about this important info?

Thx, Ernst


It seems like there is a monthly Eucon thread at this point, asking this very question. I don’t think Steinberg is going to spill the beans about whether we’ll actually see an update or not. I suspect it will either just happen or it won’t at this point.

That said, I’m very curious too. Would love to see updated Eucon for my Artist Mix. At least hide the hidden channels from the Eucon.




Let us remind Steinberg once again: The EUCON-Implementation has been used as a Cubase selling argument, so it would be not just fair to stick to your promises.

Any news on this?



I’m recently forced to use Pro Tools 2019 due to a mixing job and besides the awfullness of Pro Tools routing and mixing workflow, the track hiding and following feature comes really handy. I own two Artist Mix controllers and hope to see some light for this long overdue feature!

I was informed by Steinberg support staff that they had it in the bag and that a update would be released to address the shortfalls in the eucon adapter either in “the next or next but one” cubase update. Guess how many updates have been released since then? Steinberg support also posted in these forums some years ago they had a substantial update on the Eucon adapter but we’re waiting on a new SDK release from avid to include it in. Guess how many updates to Eucon have been released since then?

Steinberg are taking the p**s out of professional users who invest heavily both in Cubendo and Avid controllers. It needs to stop and Steinberg need to make a clear statement on their position with regards to Eucon updates and integration.

If avid users want action on this I would suggest direct action by emailing Steinberg support as a preference to posting in the forums. Also a few avid cubendo users are posting in the avid forums asking avid techs to pressure Steinberg on their behalf, after all, Eucon and avid controllers are pushed as having steinberg support and integration

Steinbergs attitude to long term users is clearly visible in the the cubase 9 forums, the latest update for 9.5 which included important fixes ago has still not been announced in the 9.5 forum, if people using 9.5 don’t use the hub there’s little chance of them knowing that updates to a substantial bug was released months ago.

Avid have just released new controllers that specifically advertise Cubase and Nuendo (before Logic!) as being fully compatible through Eucon.

Indeed they have but even those new controllers would still need the updated Steinberg SDK unless Avid have achieved something in their control app on iPad or now Android Eco system, time will tell but I doubt it, why should they spend time and money on Cubendo when they just want people to use Protools.

The ball is still firmly firmly in Steinbergs court, more so than ever I should think.

Yes, also hoping for the Eucon update. I’d love to have track follow to selected track and hopefully eventually EQ and Dynamics plugin cycling.

With my Artist Mix I can make a setting (on a per project basis unfortunately) via EucControl to make any fader the “selected Channel”.

I’m aware of this. I’m more looking for the whole board of 36 faders to correspond/shuffle. Track follow clones the Cubase mixer into the desk so that they are the same. This makes more sense for my workflow. This means selecting a track higher up in the project window will cause all 36 faders to jump up to that position just like Cubase mixer does. So the hardware corresponds to what the software is doing. This means you can bank by clicking around on the screen.

It works for me. I rarely bank using the buttons on the Artist Mix. I select a track in the project window to get the Artist Mix to bank to the selected track. Is that what you mean?

I’m interested on that too…

Yes, Steinberg PLEASE give us hidden channels with Eucon. I BEG YOU!

You’re right. I heard people complaining about this and was hesitant to buy a Eucon controller. I just got one anyway and it follows the project window. The mixer window it doesn’t follow though unless you actually ‘select’ the mixer track by clicking below the track to select it. Not something that someone would normally do when mixing with the mouse. It would make more sense to follow it when opening an insert on a specific track. I guess this is what people were complaining about. Along with track hide not working.

Here’s some of the information from Steinberg on Eucon update.

10 July 2016, Guillermo (support forum) wrote:
“We have already implemented the “Mixer mirror” feature/option but cannot be delivered on the current EuCon(version 2) adapter.”

“We are waiting for the delivery of the next EuCon(version 3) adapter. As soon as we support EuCon 3, this functionality (mixer mirror/track visibility) will be available & usable”

25 March 2018 Oscar (support email) wrote:
"Developers are working on it and some problem with Eucon’s devices should be solved with the next update or the second update from now,

16 September 2019 Oscar (support email) wrote
“I would confirm once time again Steinberg is interested in finding a solution to this problem and our departments are working on in order to understand this issue. However, as you know EuCon is owned by Avid and we do not have any access to EuCon directly and we have only the access our integration part.
These limitations are slowing all the bugfix procedure down. I am sorry about it”

Doesn’t say much really, other than “sorry but it’s not going to happen”

Dear Fellas,

it seems that there is something moving, regarding this issue.
Eddie Jones just started a thread, where he gathers the top 5-10 bugs with Eucon and Cubase/Nuendo (and Logic Pro X), to actually get them fixed by Steinberg. Here is the thread:
Please add your comments and spread the word! Let’s make this happen!