Any updates on IPA support for lyrics?

There was an older thread (IPA font/input, +3 years old) about perhaps getting some International Phonetic Alphabet support for at least the Academico font, but no search results on forums or the documentation after that.

  1. Has any progress been made over this time?
  2. Since it’s an open licence, how could I go helping out with this (making contributions to Academico), if resources have been scarce?
  3. Reckon there could be downsides to just using any “regular” IPA font to replace lyrics-writing? (IPA Fonts | International Phonetic Association)

This is relevant, because by default I want to be able to specify to singers how to pronounce most or all words to ensure consistency.

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  1. Honestly, there’s nothing to stop you from using your own font choice. I never use Academico for lyrics, since I have my own particular preferences.

If you wanted, you could use Academico for regular lyrics, and your own font choices for the “translation” line.

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OG poster of the 3 year old request here: I would looooove if any progress on this could be made! I’ve honestly had to go back to my old system of adding it in Adobe Illustrator to avoid issues in rendering (so much for Dorico being the one-stop for standard notation needs - I feel like I might be going full time Illustrator at this point). It’s pretty disappointing/surprising that there is so much difficulty incorporating a set of symbols which have been in standard use for like 50?+ years in music/vocal pedagogy into a basic font, so I guess this has not been a priority… bummer. I guess I’ll wait for the next X-number of updates (if it’s worth it?) which will include more squiggly lines which still only move in 2 directions lol. Sorry for the grumps - been ahhh frustrating.

Here’s some resources I use (though I’m sure you’ve seen them) in case they are any help:

Good luck!


You might like this one too! :slight_smile:

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Have tried this - Dorico does not handle the spacing of the characters correctly so you just get Wingdings

Ooooo thank you!

What font are you using? Any font that contains the IPA symbols should work, just like any other font.

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Yes. I understand that, but experience doesn’t bear it out. I’ve literally tried at least 6 over the last 3 years and didn’t keep tabs but they were all freely downloadable and generally worked in my word processing apps, soooo. It’d be great if it could be integrated.

Or after this point maybe I could start getting compensated for all this beta testing