IPA font/input

Working on a piece for voice that is making extensive use of IPA for the text and I’m having issues inputing IPA symbols and having them render correctly both spacially and size/style-wise relative to the other lyric text (all within the same verse/line/part). Are there any workarounds or approved fonts I can use?

Further, and more of a long-term question, is there a plan to include IPA symbols in the Dorico standard font? (yes please!!! would use regularly!)


I never used such symbols… The logical thing would be that you find a font that allows both those symbols and “normal” text, since you want to mix them in the same verse. Not sure that this is really a job for our beloved developers here :wink:
I see that Charis SIL could meet your needs.

I will certainly look at incorporating the IPA symbols in Academico – I suspect it will be quite a lot of work, though, so I can’t promise to do so soon.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you! Yes it’s definitely a bit of work – and I can manage for now – but I would love to see that on a list of someday items! (especially as it is becoming more ubiquitous in contemporary vocal/choral writing where it is more descriptive of the exact sound required, when no specific text is being used, when abstracting text to its component phonemes, or when switching between languages, as a few examples) Loving the environment thus far and looking forward to future versions.

Thank you! :slight_smile: