Any way around the two PC license limit?

Who else will be inconvenienced by the two PC limit? I currently have Nuendo on 3 PC’s and a laptop. Studio, editing room bedroom and the laptop for remote locations just taking the dongle with me. I’m guessing there will be no way around this STEINBERG?


You’ll be able to easily deactivate from one machine and activate on another.


Sure it won’t be as easy as to connect muy elicenser usb dongle in any computer I please.
Bad idea, Steinberg. That will lead me to start thinking seriously about other products.


Will reduce workflow and i cant imagine it will be easy. My studio PC does not have internet as it’s 30 metres away from the house so i will imagine i can’t have a stand alone PC with Nuendo on as no doubt it will have to communicate to the cloud. Same with laptop as i take it to remote locations.

I can’t as i have heavily invested in ALL Steinbern products. No happy!

Isn’t the question here: “Will we still be able to use the dongle?”… ?

Because if the answer to that is “Yes, in the future you will still be able to use the dongle” then you can still do what you are currently doing - just go somewhere and plug the dongle in and you’ll be fine.

So if it’s “yes” then don’t worry.


Will we be able to continue using the dongle once the new system is in place?


Good point, possibly jumping the gun, however it’s rare things work in your favour. I certainly hope the dongle will continue.

New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg

Check for “eLicenser”…

Did the FAQ answer your question?

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It seem that it does. I hadn’t seen the FAQ before so I didn’t know. But yes, we should be able to keep doing what we are doing now in the future as well. It reads:

Can I continue using my eLicensers?

Yes. The eLicenser system will be maintained and run for some time to come, at least until such time as all actively-maintained Steinberg products have been transitioned to the new Steinberg Licensing system. Even after the eLicenser server is eventually decommissioned, further still into the future, existing USB-eLicensers will continue to work for as long as they remain functional and you are still able to run the corresponding software versions on your computer.

However, if you want to take advantage of the new features and improvements that will be introduced in major updates to Steinberg software, when you update to a new version using Steinberg Licensing, you will not have the option of using your eLicenser for that version of that product.

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obviously the elicenser won’t work for Nuendo 12 when it’s released - so the issue from the OP is only delayed not resolved.


How is that obvious?

I move mostly between two computers, office and studio, for most work. But once or twice a month I use a laptop for remote work. The dongle was a perfect solution as it allowed me to move easily between all 3. This will not be the case with the new licensing format. What purpose does punishing your legitimate users serve?

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well i hope that Steinberg is aware of a “little” thing called “multitrack recording of live venues”, where internet is not reliable.
so i hope they have that in mind and make a solution for that (dongle, offline work, ore something)

@soundcage, please don’t post info that is incomplete or incorrect. Internet access is not required each time the daw is launched, and they have indeed explicitly dealt with these questions already.

Please read the New Steinberg Licensing FAQ | Steinberg to avoid sharing wrong impressions, or spreading rumors.

tnx for info, feel free to delete that post.
my intentions were not to spread rumors of false info, just my attempt to indicate a possible issue and to get this new licence system working properly

Not a problem, no need to delete. Thanks.

It reads to me that the next versions of Cubase and Nuendo will require the new licensing system from then on, and only earlier versions will function with the USB key. So we will not be able to continue into the future using the old system.
I think that, going forward, having the option to use either system on future updates would be a better solution and keep everyone happy.

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Thats the way i am reading it. The only slvation is you should be able to ‘request’ a 1 year ‘pass’ without the need for an internet connection, which may be applied via a USB memory stick., however you’ll still be stuck with two working programs. and not have the quick option of minutes to swap. That then begs the question of how quickly you can deactivate one PC and activate another. Without an internet connection?

It would be interesting to see a poll on how many people are really truly mobile and without an internet connection a) at all or b) for a significant amount of time. Because I keep seeing this scenario on forums yet I’ve never met someone in that situation. Between local networks in studios, coffee shops or whatever and also cellphone shares it really seems most cases would be covered.

If someone’s out recording a rare bird in a rainforest somewhere then sure… I get it… but… I’m sort of imagining a unicorn with a laptop, DT770s and a mic…