Anybody have any success getting Cubase to use 4 key modifiers within Windows?

Just migrated over from Mac to Windows and I’m really missing that extra modifier for a lot of my key commands.
If you’ve worked in both you know what I’m talking about.
Mac = Control, Option, Cmd, Shift (4)
Windows = Control, Alt, Shift (3)
Has any body found a solution for this? Right now a lot of my key commands in the preferences I brought over from my mac machine say “Meta” which represents the missing modifier.
I’m really looking for a solution and hoping I don’t have to reassign a bunch of my old key commands.
Even if I have to reassign, its a bummer only to have 3 modifiers instead of 4 anyway, so I"m hoping there is a solution.

This recent answer by @steve in another thread may be of interest to you:

Thanks. I’ll give it a go