Anybody using Nektar Panorama with Cubase 10

Still looking for the perfect deep integration and I’ve stumbled on the Nektar Panorama range. Does it still play well with the latest version of Cubase? Anybody here using it to comment?

Thank you

Yup, using P6 here and works well. The only thing is that the Nektarine wrapper doesn’t work too well with it if you’re considering the T models which require a wrapper for the plugin interaction to work. I believe they’re working on that still, but not 100% sure. The P models are completely transparent and don’t require wrapper to function.

Although you can use the Nektarine software to create more advanced mappings and copy them across for the P range.

Incredibly helpful company if you ever get problems too, can’t recommend enough. I’ve owned my P6 from the year they first came out and it’s ran across multiple DAWs and never failed me.

Edit: Oh one other thing is that if you’re using Mac then the keyboard emulation doesn’t work since recent MacOS updates (i.e. you can send keyboard commands from the Panorama itself). When i moved from Mac+Logic to Win+Cubase it was great to have these back running again. :slight_smile:

I’ve got a P1 and love it. Very responsive support in my experience too.

The one I had I sent back. They had a proper driver for cubase. But it was not even close to good. But it depends a bit of what you are going to use it for. As mixing tool is far behind a mackie MCU. For instrument maybe. It is pretty cheap though.

Yep. P6 here. Works well in C10.5.

Only thing missing for me is hi cut and low cut in the eq section but that’s the same with the CC121.

I’d also like the fast forward and rewind keys to not be latching…

Yeah that’s something which would be nice to have added… Plus the ability to change the EQ type (Para/Shelf etc.) for each of the 4 bands when on the ‘Q’ view would be good. When you flick between Q and Freq modes the Gain parameter remains on the top for knobs, i’d happily have Type on the Q page in place of Gain repeating. You can at least use it for basic cuts yourself then.

I’ve had both the LX61 + and the P1. Nektar Company responds quickly to questions and wants to think along in the solutions. Nektarine with the P1 works in Cubase Pro 10, but with some limitations. Unfortunately, Cubase crashed several times. Nektar Company indicated that P1 with Nektarine was not (yet?) Suitable for Cubase. Cubase has a number of ‘quirks’ that make it impossible or unwilling to admit third parties. It is a complex matter. I asked myself whether teaching and / or setting up the use of the P1 for Cubase has any added value. If you have to put so much energy into it, what better way to spend learning KeyCommands on the keyboard? So I got rid of the P1 and put more energy into learning the Keycommands.
It also depends on what you want a controller to be more helpful than the basic Keycommands + Mouse??

Good responses thank you. It was shocking me how little people were talking about controllers on forums, I’d of thought it a very important subject.

I’m on PC and always upgrade to latest Cubase on release, which I was worried might cause integration issues. Previously using a Virus TI and other hardware, which stopped a few years back after finally building a PC that can handle things. Spent a long time with keycommands so all good there, but… I want to get that hardware feeling back when tweaking sounds, especially quick automation writes.

I’ve bought a Novation Impulse and the contrast on the screen is annoying, a very bad viewing angle, when the selected parameter text scrolls, it’s impossible to read. I’m not feeling the “wrapping” thing either, especially on VST2, especially after selling off many VST’s to strip things right back, now we have 2 of each, which I’m thinking will cause issues at a later date, projects looking for an automap VST if you no longer use automap… and, old projects not using the mappings you’ve spent hours setting up because it uses the nonautomap version.

I’m definitely in the rabbit hole now though. Seeing these mechanical single faders etc. It looks like a lot of buying and selling is going to be the only way to resolve this.

Anymore input and peoples experiences greatly appreciated. Thank you

After the Panorama P1, I am now trying the Behringer Xtouch One. It does in fact only the basic transport functions, but this can be done easily via the Keyboard(Commands). The automatic fader responds well. That is the only positive. Not to be used at all with the VST’s plugins. But to buy such a controller for only that ?? However, there is no description of how to set the Function buttons, in fact there is poor quality manual. The firmware update process is rather cumbersome. So hardly any added value, so this just goes back to sender …

mitchiemasha, are you primarily wanting a keyboard controller? Or a mixing controller?

Keyboard controller with mixing functionality.

It would of been nice if shift, knob was a quick way to jump to the Q on the freq sweep, let go of shift back to frequency.

My P6 arrived today. lots to learn.

Enjoy your P6. Are you going to use Nektarine in your P6 setup?

Nektarine isn’t available for download for that set up… but, we did realise, if enabling (dare i say it) Studio 1 as another DAW in your profile, enables the download, and a newer firmware.

I’ve played around with the Standalone version of Nektarine but not tried to “backdoor” my own file yet. I wont be using Nektarine inside of Cubase, not using a wrapper was 1 of the main reasons for buying the P series. I’m hoping to use Nektarine to rename folders etc, then swap out the files the P series looks for.

Fingers crossed it works!

Yeah nektarine standalone is great for creating mappings, especially as you can create shortcuts to pages on the bottom buttons which means you haven’t got to rely on the selector knob to navigate.

And it’s simple to copy the mappings across so that the P series can have the benefits but with its transparent operation.

Also Nektar told me there is an issue with Cubase and Nektarine that they hope to fix soon. Can’t remember exactly the issue but it’s related if you’re in mixer mode and have the Plugin running that the controls lock on the Plugin, so that’s probably why cubase doesn’t have the nektarine download option?

is that with Nektarine running or with Nektarine made files?

I made another post here, in relation to the fader banks. I’m getting crazy behaviour.

That’s with Nektarine running within Cubase as a plugin - Nektarine made files are fine. But that’s why you’re best to run Nektarine standalone to create them vs within Cubase.

This is what I’m hoping but it’s currently not working properly for me. I’m hoping we get a Cubase upgrade pretty soon. It’s been a while by the looks of things/

Oh whats the issue then?

When I swap the Nektarine file with where the P series looks for the Cubase P series file, the P Series sees the new file, displays the parameters but non of the settings work.