Anyone care to recommend a mouse for using Cubase?

I’m on Mac and currently have the Magic Mouse. I love it, but sometimes I accidentally slide my finger on top causing it to scroll, or change parameters. Can anyone recommend a mouse that they like to use in Cubase?

I’m using trackball Logitech M570 on my Mac. There is more reasons. This stays on one place all the time, So I can find it very easy, and I don’t need to watch on it. I don’t have to move my whole arm or hand. I can move the cursor only by one thumb. My hand lies on the mouse, and rests. There are two programmable buttons. Trackball is fast and precise. I’m very satisfied with this.

I used Mac Mouse, Magic Track Pad, classical mices, ergonomic mices, trackballs with big ball. They didn’t work so good, as the M570 for me.

I will definitely check this out. Thank you.

I use a Kensington Orbit trackball mouse. (the version with a scrollring.)
Same reasons as above. After getting used to it, you have a static mouse that takes less space than one you need to move all the time, no mousepad required. It’s also a nice change from using a normal mouse on my regular desktop, prevents Repetitive Strain Injury :slight_smile:

It works great for DAW work in my experience, not really tried it for office applications but I would definitely stay away for gaming duties.

I’m using it all the time. For Cubase, office work, etc. I’m not game player, so I don’t know about using it for this.

Btw: I’m using the Kensington Orbit in other studio. I think the large ball is not as comfortable, as the small one.

Aloha ilmolto,

Since you are using a Mac here is a thread
that may yield some info.

To take full advantage you may have to upgrade to OS 10.7 (Lion) tho’.


Or you can use apps, which can tranfirm gestures to any command (shortcuts or macros). These works with Mac OS X 10.6 too. You can specify different shortcuts for different apps with same gesture. Some of apps are reely great and helpful.

But in my opinion, Magic Mause, same as Magic TrackPad aren’t ergonomic at all.

Those trackball mice are quite interesting. I sometimes find myself hitting the edge of my mouse pad when dragging things around. I guess the trackball would fix that problem. It would definitely take some getting used to though. I would also love to give the Magic Trackpad a go. I plan on upgrading to Mountain Lion when it gets released, and since Mountain Lion is all about multi-touch gestures, it actually would be a good buy.

Good idea.
The trackpad was a lil clunky with Cubase when I was using 10.6x.
But once I made the move to 10.7 things got much much better.
10.8 should be even sweeter.

There is a slight learning curve with the trackpad so don’t
get discouraged when you first try it out.

Once you get over that curve tho’ it can be very productive.
Much like playing an instrument.

I’ll never go back.

Good luck.


Do you think the Magic Trackpad will give me the same problem as the Magic Mouse (to accidentally scroll when going to move the mouse)? It’s a terrible feeling when you go to move the mouse to the save button only to change a parameter by accidentally scrolling.

I don’t think so because the track pad does not move.

But one prob I still have is let’s say your
cursor is hovering over a button you want to push.

Sometimes my finger will ‘slide’ on the TP (moving the cursor)
before I can push down on it.

But I am more careful these days and rarely have that prob.

One other prob I have with these new Apple input devices is

Sometimes for no reason (to me) the connection will very briefly drop.(batteries are full)
It always comes back but can annoying. Especially in front of a client.

Another thing.
I find the TP cannot always be as precise as a mouse.
So for that reason I still keep the MagicMouse right next to the TP just in case.


I have the same disconnection problem with my Magic Mouse. I was just having a look at and they stock both the Magic Trackpad and the Logitech M570. Looking at getting the new OWC Mercury Accelsior PCIe SSD from there for a whopping 800MBps transfer speed. Might have to add either the MT, M570, or both :slight_smile:

Thanks heaps for your recommendations.


I also play Computergames with a trackball mouse,
and you can put it on youre piano for example or take walk a walk to the sofa with the mouse. cause it’s wireless and don’t need much space, and if you use severals Screens it’s very nice…

Personaly, I don’t like the wireless. I prefer cable connection. There was same trackball, as Logitech M570 with cable. Unfortunetly, I bought my trackball after release of this wireless, and there was no chance to found the old one with the cable.

I have no problem with disconnection of my trackball. But I have problem with disconnection of my Magic Track Pad sometimes, same as you.

Same here.

I have bough. and think the only disadvantage of “Wireless” is the battery (but its definately worth if you have many “sit-positions” infront of the screnn…)

i used for some years wire (now for my television)
and now the wireless for music… and it’s fantastic “the wireles” makes much more sens with a trackball as with a normal mouse as you would think probebly… (Put it from the Piano to the Keyboard to another Controller… without looking at anything because ther is no stupid wire, and the littel Transmitter of the Wireless mouse is very good (not any problems to 4-5 meters there is the wall…)

I also dont want wireless before because there all bulls. but this one is an exception of this rule…

Best Regards

My entire studio is one big chunk of wires, I can manage with another trackball wire :wink:
I really prefer wired connection over wireless as well. Unstable connection and battery issues do not weigh up against the mobility. Not in my case anyway, I don’t ever really feel like taking my mouse anywhere.

R.A.T. 9 Wireless on an oversized gaming mouse pad (I have a Steelseries glass one).

Best input device I’ve ever used. Smooth, Weighted (adjustable weights), on-the-fly DPI setting.


me also until i’ve got this mouse, sry but before i ve bought it, i said something simular as your written here. and this behove me to answer you this…