Anyone else can't get on their email?

For several day’s I haven’t been able to get on my email. I had looked around on the net and apparently I’m not the only one. After two days, I was able to get on again on Sunday…but come Monday and today I can’t get on anymore. When I try to sign on it go’s the a gray page saying “Server cannot be found”.

The only way I can even read my emails is from my Samsung Smart phone which has a POP account I believe it’s called, where my emails get farwarded to my phones email.

Know a solution?

Do you have multiple boot partitions? if so you could try booting from another partition and see if that works.

In accordance with my GP Table, I have at least one more boot partition.
On partition 127, I think it was :ugeek:

But can’t still find the server. I better be on the Outlook for another mail provider :smiling_imp:

Are you seeing the same concern I posted several days ago? Check out the topic I attached and, if similar I will submit an issue report. Thanks.

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi Tom, Carvin & Prock,

No…I do not have multiple boot setups, and this happens on both my Win Vist & Windows 7 laptops. This has never happened before. Saturday I was on my Win 7 notebook just fine, made a call, took a break, went back on it to email a client then POOF…couldn’t access until days later, but I could just for that one day, and then it went back to not working again. I don’t use my large Vista laptop as much, and hadn’t for some weeks actually…I only turned that on to see if I could access my email on it. I have done nothing to either of my Vista or Win 7 laptops.
I am not running Cubase or any music related items on my internet machines, so this is not quite the same problem Prock. As I mentioned, I can ‘get to’ the sign in page, but when I sign it, it gives that “Server cannot be found” message :confused:

I can’t imagine it’s BOTH laptops being the problem, or a virus etc…especially being my Vista laptop had not been used in weeks, and on the same day both don;t work, and on the same day, both worked again, and on another same day, bot don’t work again.

I have satellite internet …it go’s from the dish, to their provided modem, then go’s to my router, which has hard wired Ethernet & WiFi wireless, which both don’t work.

My initial thoughts are that it’s Outlook, especially since I see chatter about it being a problem, but solutions I’ve read don’t apply because I don’t even have some ‘thingy’ installed that they say to disable. If not Outlook being the culprit, then I wonder if it’s my HughesNet satelite service? My router? I could try to connect one of my laptops directly to their modem, by passing my router???


A suggestion, do you have your own domain?

Hey there Syc, no…unless you mean the email from my service provider? I never use those because, they can come and go. But if you mean my own domain as in one I pay for that will never run out or go away…as long as I pay of course, no I don’t have that.

I’ve been using since I began using the internet…about 15 years ago, and the same email address. Now that took over all hotmail accounts, I’m still using that same email address. Thing is, it’s not just a personal email address, by also an address that all my customers have known for several years, it’s on THOUSANDS of my business cards, not to mention a trail of other things that my emails is on for business purposes.

Hi Qbass,

Years ago Microsoft had something called Custom Domains, whereby you could forward emails and http from your own domain to their servers and was great while it lasted.

When they moved to the “cloud” the service changed and it was no longer possible to do this.

Upon searching for an alternative I found something called Zoho Docs and I now use this.

I realize the marketing issues surrounding change but maybe it is something worth looking at in the longer term.

Hmmm…weird …I tried using my ‘private’ email address (reserved for all the womenz)…also a account I’ve had for years, and THAT works!

However, my ‘public’ main hotmail address gives that same “server cannot be found”.

I even updated every damn thing my laptop, the internet, microsoft, and everybody and their uncle wanted me too…after fending those damn updates off…which come every day it seems! Still no go for that ONE main email address.

Also, I CAN log onto that same ‘public’ hotmail address from my smart phone via just fine, so if my main email address got hacked, I’d think I wouldn’t be able to get on from a mobile device.

Being I CAN get on to my ‘private’ email address, it simply CANNOT be my satellite service, their modem, nor my router! It also can’t be any of my laptops.

It HAS to be something up with that email address.

ANOTHER strange thing…is if I try to sign onto my ‘public’ email address, and get that “server cannot be found” crap, I cannot get back to the outlook log on page…that is until I close the browser, reopen it, and THEN I can’t get to the log on page again! Something to do with my ‘public’ email address is creating some kind of block …WTF!

At least things are being narrowed down. I’m thinking of contacting outlook if I can :unamused:

Okay, for anyone who’ve had this problem with getting on for email, and other Microsoft related pages…which again have been reported being problematic over the last week…for me, it’s back to working again. This is the 2nd time it came back, but only to be blocked out for another 4 days until just last night…although yesterday morning it wasn’t working. This morning it’s still working.

I have to think that this has been a Microsoft/Outlook problem, as my computer hasn’t changed a thing since it wasn’t working, until now that it is working again. And as I had said, this problem has been coming and going on BOTH my internet laptops at the same time.