Anyone have any idea how to change pages in the VST Quick Controls?

Anyone have any idea how to change pages in the VST Instrument Quick Controls?

You thinking about changing presets?

Typical you set up 8 qc on the channel, save it as preset and make 8 new controls and save as preset. Now you can swap presets.

No, I mean changing the Remote Control Editor you can set up multiple pages of parameters for a VST Instrument. I want a key command (or midi command) to change those pages.

I don’t believe Quick Controls allow you to change pages. I think you can page if you’re using the controls visible for an instrument in the rack, which is where the Remote Control Editor comes into play, but the track QCs were designed for you to assign a few key parameters and have quick access to.

Remote control of plugins is my single biggest pain point in Cubase. I came from Studio One which, for all of it’s MIDI related shortcomings, has a wonderful system called Control Link where you can map all of your plugins to hardware controls, and it would automatically save these assignments behind the scenes. The active plug-in window was the one in focus for Control Link, which is how you avoided conflicting mapping. Was light years ahead of Cubase. I’m hoping an overhaul of Remote Controlling plugins is in Steinberg’s plans.

But what’s the point of multiple pages if you can’t access them (except with the mouse)?
i know a user created a AutoHotKey script to change pages but I can’t find it anywhere.

The Remote control editor is for the $$$$ expensive plastic controllers. If your controller is not on the “list”, you dont get the goods of using it. But you can store presets there too if you want all the hassle of using it?

It is realy simple to use the QC in the inspector and just save as preset. Any controls missing just right click on plugin parameter and assign control. It is basicly the control editor in the inspector.

You can also use the generic remote and make a bank system for the plugins in question, But thats a lot of hassle. I have my most used plugins set up that way with my hw console. Just so I can brake the 8 control limit and quickly bank controls. But it takes time to setup.

I do also use Autohotkey, but to run some custom macros. You can probly with some good timing and make shure the windows pop up in exact same resolution on the monitor, make a script to automate the mouse clicking. But that can get messy quickly.

You should give the inspector and save/load QC preset a go. It is not great, but it works.

And im totaly for a makeover of the Remote controlling in Cubase.

Actually, I do use the Quick Controls in the Inspector but mostly for plugins. i have Eucon and Pro Control free for the Ipad (which I love BTW) but it won’t access quick controls. I also have tons of controllers mapped to various synths but the big advantage of VST Quick Controls with a controller is it’s bi-directional. I have it working perfectly, I just need a command to change pages…

Thanks, I meant remotely…

I’m also interested to know if there’s a way …
We’re now on Cubase 10.5 (close to 11 I guess); I was wondering if you guys have found a work around about this

I have the same issue but I have noticed that it works in places. I can’t find a way to switch but Halion changes the page as you switch the Halion Channels. The Page is the Channel Number. The Quick controls then control the relevant bank of 8 controls.

It’s crazy that there’s not a page up/down mapping destination in the remote editor for page control of VST/Rack instruments. (Select Quick Control Layer as it’s referred to on screen).


What’s the point of allowing generic remote users being able to map to the 8 parameters, but not be able to change pages?!

To fall over at the final hurdle like this is typically Steinberg/Cubase in my experience, so close yet so far. It would probably take a day to rectify at most, but instead it just sits for years, meanwhile users spend a combined hundreds of hours discussing it, trying work arounds with third party apps etc. And It sucks.

Someone just sort this out, please. Because of this issue, people aren’t even aware of the possibilities as it’s never been given the chance to shine. Without the page change option it’s basically the same as Track Quick Controls - hence the confusion everyone has whenever it’s discussed.

I’ve tried all kinds of workarounds, and there’s just nothing as users we can do to fix this. :frowning: