Anyone having issues with Omnisphere 2 and C8?

Are you still using Cubase 8.0.05? I have Cubase 8.0.10, so it may not be the same. In any case, I haven’t used Omnisphere 2 much but I will try it out tonight, once I get home from work, and let you know if I experience the same issues.

I am running Omni 2 (latest build 2.0.2d) and have not had the same issues you speak of. My System Specs are similar to yours as well. (+RME)

I did experience afew ‘serious error has occured’ messages in Cubase 8.0.10 when loading my multiple Omnisphere track preset but this has not happened since loading 8.0.2. But, this does not appear to be the problems you are having.

Have you tried starting Cubase in safe mode with temporary new preferances? This would rule out your preferences playing any part at least.

Have you ruled out crossplugin behaviour by just running omnisphere without things like UAD in the project?

Seems to be working fine here. The only thing that could be said to be “sluggish” is switching between different categories of sounds in the browser, which is to be expected given the amount of content found in Omnisphere 2. Everything else is very responsive though.

BTW, I noticed that I need to update Omnisphere 2, so I’ll report back once I do that. Be right back!

Still the same after the updates.

Have you updated your graphics card? That could be the problem.

No issues to report on my end.

No problems here.

More sluggish than Omni 1 but not an issue, takes a couple of seconds longer to load. Definitely more CPU usage.

It’s definitely slower on Mac, I’m having problem LOOSING patches when I quit and restart a piece.

I even saved all 8 channels as a MULTI, and it doesn’t want to load them, it’s really annoying…although it saves the volume levels just clears the patches and I have to manually load them each time.

To me Omni2 feels more slow and bulky. Feels more graphically demanding. And in Cubase, Omni2 has this annoying tendency to either reset (or not load) all tweaks I’ve made to a patch or multi (doesn’t happen in a couple of other DAWs). I haven’t … like ‘stress-tested’ Omni2 yet though, but it definitely feels like it could have the potential of crashing Cubase’s graphic handling.

Cubase Artist 8.0.0, win8.1, Omni 2.0.2d, all x64.

Yes it’s very sluggish compared to Omni 1. And is using quite a bit More cpu…slight sound improvement and love the new organic instruments, the edm stuff is still not as authentic as analog gear but offers more variety than Omni 1, …I am very soon upgrading to the Haswell with asus x99 mother board with 5930k Intel 6 core , @ 3.5 + 10 % overclock , water cooled, thunderbolt 2 pcie card for external SSD project drive ( that’s 20 gbs ) ddr4 memory system and will post if any improvement with Omni 2.

Having not changed anything for a couple of months now, yesterday Omni 2 became much more sluggish on browsing. Before it was a little slow but nothing too bad (like half a second or so when switching columns). Yesterday this was more like 4 seconds, which gets pretty tiresome pretty quick.

Running W7 64 bit, 8.0.10… just realised I’ve not installed the latest Omni 2 update, so will try that next.

EDIT - just installed 2.0.3d and it’s all back to normal for me now. Can’t be 100% it was the update that fixed yesterday’s issues, something else could have gone funky for the day.

Specs are below. Definitely slower and Omni 1 but as mentioned before it is a CPU heavy plugin.

Well … I take that back. It is VERY sluggish in Cubase for me when I first open it. Strange thing is when I open it in Mainstage it snaps so I’m not sure why it would be faster in Mainstage vs Cubase.

Ok just upgraded to new PC per specs below, trillion is lightening quick, Omnisphere 2 with latest update is very sluggish to open, up to 5 seconds or more, then slow to respond to clicks, it’s a spectra sonics issue , not Cubase, will email them "…I think they messed this one up, to bad, its not efficient at all…all other vst perform well.

Very strange. I have a very similar specc’d system to you and it’s perfectly fine for me. It does take a few seconds to open on first time in the project but then it’s fine.

Yes. same here - 2.1 has been a lot more responsive, feels very snappy now except for first load - that’s is a little improved but still about 4s.

I’m having problems actually loading the vst at all at the moment. I’ve just installed it along with Stylus and Trilian (which both work fine) however when I open up the vst it says ‘locate STEAM folder’ and when I click OK it just hangs, I have to restart Cubase.

I’ve check the STEAM folder permissions in explorer and changed it from read only and click apply, but when I check the properties again it still says read only.

Hope someone can help I can’t wait to start using it! (have emailed Spectrasonics already)…

I’ve read about some people with problems like this being to do with non-English Language versions of Windows - could that be the case? Regardless, I think their support is your best bet. The good news is that they are usually quick in responding.

I have had that problem on Omni1 since Cubase 8. It just happens occasionally as I work on a project. At a certain point the Omnisphere settings just vanish from the cpr file, and the newer files saved are actually smaller than the previous ones. You find out it’s happened when you reload the project. It can also happen with Stylus RMX. Not nice, especially if you had edited the sounds. I always freeze the instruments before closing, so that I can at least save the audio.

I’m having the exact same sluggish issues on a Haswell 5960 pc with 64g of memory and the UR28m on Cubase 8.0.35…

Auditioning patches is near impossible as the delay between clicks is unbearably long…

The issue, for me at least, seems to be the categories and directory changes. Once I’m in a particular category load times are standard.