Anyone in holland/netherlands who can open my old disks?

I am in Amstelveen and have 2 disks from cubase. I have a disk reader in windows 10 and can not open the .arr and files
Someone who i can send them to??

Which version of Cubase are you running , if you are running C11 or lower you can download Sx3 which will open your arr files

latest version 12 on windows 11

i forgot
i have the dongle and i also must have the original box with cubase somewhere, i remembered it was connected thru EES midi. and must be windows 95 that time ( 1997 )

Do you have an eLicenser USB dongle? Own any Cubase licenses of previous versions?

i think i have, because i also have the dongle…so it should be in my home somewhere…almost sure about it

ehhhh…you wrote USB ???
in my windows that time it had no USB
it was a red big thing connected at the back of my old windows computer’
can it be cubase atari 1040???

That sounds like the old PC dongle that was connected to the parallel port. You won’t find that on any non-ancient PC anymore, I’m afraid.

how can i proceed if i buy a used windows 95 or 98 machine…
Is that possible if it was build also in the old days?

What you need is a license of Cubase SX/SL version 1, 2 or 3 in order to be able to convert .all and .arr into .cpr. For this you need also a USB dongle (blue or purple)

thak you
in my old days there was no such thing…
i will ( if i am home) publish here the version, and see if there is a way…its for sure i have the original box, and license…but not like this.
I have the one pointed out by Johnny_Moneto.
Means i need to find a old computer…sometimes they are offered here ( even as labtop)

Stick to your original request: Try to find soembody who can convert the files for you. However, if you have the files available on your computer you don’t need to seek someone close to you. Use the wonders of the internet to find anybody worldwide. Good luck.

the files are on diskette. I used a second hand ibm disk reader, but the disks are not readable in windows 10-11.
I can only send disks to someone who is formilliar with old cubase.
So…if there are Dutch people reading this…please contact me.
Or buy a vintage labtop such as compaq 1560 armada. It has the old port

I have some experience in trying to recover data from old floppy disks. The problem is, these are magnetic, and will have lost much of their magnetism over such a long period.

Some may still be readable, but it seems to vary from brand to brand, and also factors such as storage conditions (temperature and humidity) can have a huge effect.

“Modern” USB-connected floppy drives are also not the best in my experience. TEAC drives seem quite dependable. If all else fails, it becomes a job for the data recovery specialists. Even then, the very process of transport to a specialist can be problematic – with such weak magentic fields, even air transport is risky as the plane crosses through the flux lines of the earth’s magnetic field,which could erase what’s left on the disk, so they would need to be in a sealed container made of magnetic material capable of shielding from external magnetic fields.

What type of disk is it? probably 3.5", but are they high density (“HD”)?

i am sure the disks are ok.
I have cubase vst, 3.7 original codes. Comes with CD and serial code
and discettes /drivers for Dman-PCI ( Direct X)

If i can get a labtop IBM compack, ( they use to have diskette option + CD) windows 95, then i think it should be possible to open the diskettes/floppies

I only wonder if i can open them, if i am able to safe for Cubase 12 ( latest version)
would this be possible this way?

thank you for reading

The first task is to rescure the files themselves off the diskettes. If possible just copy them on to the harddisk of the laptop – if it can take a USB drive, then copy them again on to that. Once you have backup copies, see if you can open them in Cubase VST 3.7.

Let us know then what format the files are (are they *.all, *.arr)? These older formats can be imported into Cubase SX3 and exported as *.cpr for direct use in all older versions of Cubase.

Remember, never work on the original file – always make copies!

I have a disk reader, it wont show anything in the windows 11.
Buti think .arr are on the floppie.
how do i get the cubase SX3 , is there some place in europe to get that with licence?

i now have a old computer, installed Cubase VST, and used the dongle
Cubase is starting on the windows 98 machine ( a toshiba with floppy and cd)
If i put the floppie in, windows keeps asking if i want to format ( or Cubase asking)
So…after all my efforts i am stuck at that point.
Any suggestions?

Sounds like your floppy disks are not as in a good shape as you thought. The files on those discs might have evaporated into the big vast nothingness.

Do you know the exact type of floppy disk, and also of the disk drive?

Assuming the disks were formatted on a PC, then there are two common 3.5" formats, 720k and 1.44MB (HD). For example, if the disk is high-density (“HD” marked) then you need a HD disk drive – for example, an older 720k drive can not read it.

You could also try cleaning the head of the floppy drive but it’s a delicate job.

If you know a bit about electronics you could try a Greaseweazle, a device which attempts to read what is left of the magnetic flux on the disk and reconstruct the original data. You also need a complete, old-type floppy drive (not USB). It’s a specialist job.