Anyone running N12 on OSX 10.14 Mohave?

The studio Mac is running Mohave, so I held back on getting N12, but when Cubase 12 came along I installed it and it runs fine.

Just got the N12 update and it crashes on loading (goes right through but crashes at the last moment)

Anyone running N12 successfully on Mohave?

Despite the ominous title, there are reports of success and the road to it in the attached thread. Good luck!



I runs but you have to remove 1 plugin:

  • open /Applications folder (select Open “Applications” when navigating in the dock and right clicking).
  • Right click-hold on Nuendo and choose “Show Package Contents” from the context menu.
  • Navigate to /Applications/Nuendo
  • Rename anymixPro.vst3 to anymixPro.vst3_ or similar (make sure to change the extension)
  • You get prompted first whether you want to change the extension and then for elevation with touch-id or password.
    As in @Durcu 's solution, you can open Nuendo 's package content in the same way and COPY (cmd-c cmd-v or option-drag) the old anymixPro.vst3 over from there.

Many thanks Chewy and all, very helpful

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Thanks klfnk2020 et al.