Nuendo 12 crash on Mac Pro 5,1 running Mojave 10.14.6


As per the title, I upgraded to Nuendo 12 and it crashes on my machine running Mojave 10.14.6
I tried with 3rd party plugins disabled and no preferences loaded, but no joy.

Has anyone had any success running Nuendo 12 on Mojave?

It would be nice not to have to buy a new computer as I can’t run Big Sur or Monterey on my Mac which it still is pretty fast.



You might consider what I did with my 5,1-- which was to install Catalina using the DosDude patch (macOS Catalina Patcher). Did it in anticipation of N12, and everything is running without a hitch.

You do have to make sure you’re not working with non 64 bit system level stuff (learned that the hard way, but only lost a day figuring it out :wink: ), but doing a clean install to a new drive would take care of all of that. I was experimenting with an actual update of my (cloned) old Mojave drive, which was not necessarily the smartest move in the world, but ultimately worked out fine, and I managed to keep all of my authorizations, which may have made that lost day worth it.

Bottom line: with a Metal-compatible graphics card, you can run Catalina (and Nuendo 12) just fine on a 5,1 Mac Pro. I’m doing it right now. Well, procrastinating. But you know what I mean.


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this is the solution, try to remove Anymix and CurveEQ from it’s application content folder


Thank you so much odhot and Durcu, removing Anymix did the trick for me!

Chewy, thanks for the suggestion, I’ll have to try to update to a new OS soon it seems. I don’t really have any 32-bit plugins or software anymore that I’m aware of, or at least that I use day to day.


Curious to hear about your experience with Nuendo 12, @Neutron_Studios @odhot as my 5,1 will be staying on the officially-supported Mojave. (It’s my daily driver production machine, so I’m not going to touch any 3rd-party patches or the like.)

Thank you odhot ! It works !! Appreciated

Sure no worries.
So far so good, if I come across any more issues, I’ll post them here.

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Thanks! It’s not the ideal time for studios to buy a new Mac given the M1 transition (3rd-party plugs!) and also supply-chain shortages, so I hope Steinberg reconsiders checking Cubase and Nuendo 12 against the popular 5,1 / Mojave models for upcoming maintenance updates…

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It works for me on my Macbook Pro Retina with Mojave.
But goodby Anymix …
Thank you very much.

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how do i do that ?? sorry for the noob question but i don’t know the way to delete anymix …

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I had the same issue:

  • open /Applications folder (select Open “Applications” when navigating in the dock and right clicking).
  • Right click-hold on Nuendo and choose “Show Package Contents” from the context menu.
  • Navigate to /Applications/Nuendo
  • Rename anymixPro.vst3 to anymixPro.vst3_ or similar (make sure to change the extension)
  • You get prompted first whether you want to change the extension and then for elevation with touch-id or password.
    As in @Durcu 's solution, you can open Nuendo 's package content in the same way and COPY (cmd-c cmd-v or option-drag) the old anymixPro.vst3 over from there.

It really works after change the extension name of Anymix, and then I copy Anymix from Nuendo 10 ( Don’t have 11 ).
I think it works fine on Nuendo 12, but the upmix function has a small issue.
The audio mixdown file only LR have waveform, the other channel are silence.
But if I use real-time export or record in the project, it’s all good.
Is this a bug because replace the previews version of Anymix?

Does Anymix is the same version in Nuendo 10 and Nuendo 11?

Instead of changing the filename and replacing the file, I used the suggestion from this url works, hope it helps


Did you know if it works also for Nuendo 12.0.51?
I’m running 12.0.40 with same trick and works, I’m curious if is safe update and re do this trick!


Replacing Nuendo 11 version of Anymix VST to Nuendo 12 works! Thanks.

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Many many thanks Kos.
Sorry for late reply!
Did you try also with the new 12.0.60? Do you think it’ll works?
Same trick

Thanks a lot